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  • Midway
    • Midway
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:26:12
    • Director: Jack Smight
    • Genres: Action, Drama, History, War
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Battle of Midway was a crucial battle of WW2. However, this movie
does it injustice.

I personally thought that the producers of this film were lazy. They
crammed in any old stock footage from WW2 – including film from Battle
of Britain – Now there's nothing wrong with using stock footage but
when its used incorrectly, ie. when a US plane is attacked – they
incorrectly show footage showing a Japanese plane crashing.

In fact, virtually all their entire combat footage is stuff taken from
other War movies or common stock footage.

Example they borrow heavily from the movie, Tora Tora Tora. So you have
scenes of airplanes fighting in Pearl harbor (for goodness sake you can
see the ships are in harbor!!!) substituting for Midway Battle scenes
fought in the open seas. Some people will say – yeah, so what big deal.

But hey, what if you went to see … say, the latest action
"blockbuster" movie and found that they had recycled footage from a
dozen of other films for ALL their action sequences – what would you
call that??? Ridiculous.

Its cheap, its lazy, its a quick way to make a quick buck. If this was
for a TV show, I'd understand. But this is for the big screen and for
an important battle in the Pacific war!

Sarcastic mode on: Hey, but its a feel good sort of movie ain't it? The
good guys win – the bad guys lose. That's the most important thing for
most cinema goers. They should have ended with Heston kissing a nurse
for good measure in the end scene. Then jumping on a Mitchell bomber
flying off the deck of the Hornet, turning into a B-17 to fight off a
swarm of enemy fighter planes and Tie-fighters, before transforming
into a B-29 and dropping the A bomb on Hiroshima, "Take that you
b@stards!!!" Sarcastic mode off.

It looks like the producers of this film blew their entire budget on
hiring a few major actors and cutting the best bits from previous
movies. Porn films do that and make mega profits too. But I don't call
them great films.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie has a large number of well known actors who portray this
epic battle in a very appealing way. Spoiler alert.Do not read on!!!!

The parallel story of Tom Garth with his Japanese American girlfriend
does not detract from the overall plot. The music of John Williams and
the stock footage from Tora,Tora,Tora certainly adds to the movie. The
fact that John Ford was filming on Midway during the attack lends some
authenticity to the movie. Jack Fletcher and or Ray Spruance were not
given enough credit during the film but in total, the movie was very
accurate. The intelligence provided by Rochefort is well shown. Most,
if not all of the time lines of the battle were correct except the
sinking of the fourth carrier. I think the movie shows the heroics of
the American torpedo squadrons but history has not given them enough
credit for the victory. Overall, military history buffs would grade
this movie very high but those looking for melodrama would not like it.
The movie accurately depicts the "fog of war" and the some of the
problems of communication and decision making processes. I never tire
of this movie because of it's attention to detail. The turning point of
the Pacific war only 6 months after Pearl Harbor.


This movie shows how it was like during the battle of Midway – The
turning point in the Pacific during World war 2. We can notice scenes
from the U.S. side and scenes from the Japanese side. We watch all the
strategies before and during the battle. How to discover the enemy's
fleet. The kind of equipment they use for fighting, how they defend the
island on the land against the Japanese planes. We can watch the
fighting in the air from right behind the pilots back. We see how they
communicate between each other. They always inform about the amount of
planes or ships, their position and their speed. We can notice the
pressure the guys feel before their mission and than how they deal with
all the spontaneous problems. We see the exuberance from the victory
and the sadness from losses. It's all the battle fields brings: a lot
of noise, pressure, pain and death.

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