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  • Monster Ark
    • Monster Ark
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2014-03-16 09:04:24
    • Director: Declan O'Brien
    • Genres: Sci-Fi
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Under the skilled direction of Declan O'Brien, this science fiction
film becomes much more than a run of the mill SyFy production and
achieves a level of film greatness seldom seen within the genre. In
fact, the direction and screenplay combine to create a rare, poetically
existential statement regarding the nature of faith. With outstanding
cinematography and location filming certainly aiding in the overall
excellence, the special effects are a special standout which deserve
mention. But it is in the performances of the actors who bring a near
perfect script to life that one can most clearly see the care taken in
approaching the material. Veteran character actors are given an
opportunity to display their full range of talents and they truly
shine. Not wishing to spoil any of the surprises in the script or the
stunning dramatic scenes, let it just be said that these actors give
performances that are truly memorable. It surely doesn't hurt that the
musical score is haunting and unforgettable. Yet, all this is not to
say that the film lacks humor because there is some brilliant wit and
sophisticated philosophical barbs well presented throughout. Declan
O'Brien is most assuredly an up and coming new director and his name
deserves to be noted. It would certainly be worthwhile to seek out his
other work and watch his growth as a director during the procession of
his career. At any rate, this particular film is one the viewer will
not soon forget and worth the consideration of anyone who seriously
appreciates fine cinema.


The worst possible film ever set out in the 21st century. In my three
years in the US Army I have never found it OK to address a senior NCO
by sir, ma'am, or as an officer. Appearing to be wearing the rank of a
First Sergeant, this guy is referred to as "Major" and "sir."

Absolutely no research done in making this movie with its crappy poor

No common sense or proper tactics, no sense of acting, sense of place,
all out poor. Somehow I was offended by how bad the acting is,
especially since there are veteran actors in this work of crap that
somehow falls in to the category of being a "movie"

Don't ever allow these people to make another movie or suicide rates
may sky rocket.

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