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  • Moonwalker
    • Moonwalker
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:00:14
    • Director: Jerry Kramer
    • Genres: Action, Crime, Fantasy, Music, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is just plain weird. It doesn't make much sense, it has no
continuity, it's a big ego trip, and it's full of surreal images.

The movies starts with about 20 minutes of Micheal Jackson preforming.
Then he is chased by obsessive fans and Paparazzi. After ditching them
he sings "Leave me Alone" despite the fact that he just spent 20
minutes of begging people to pay attention to him. We learn that
Jackson and a small child found a secret drug organization lead by Joe
Peschi. So Jackson runs away, becomes a CAR, dances, but the little
girl is taken in the process. He heads to Peschi's hideout, and after
witnessing the little girl being beaten, Jackson BECOMES A ROBOT!!!
Then transforms into a spaceship and defeats Peschi. He then preforms
one last time, and the movie ends.

This, was a weird, weird movie.


This movie is one of the best I have ever enjoyed. Now I know what
you're thinking. "This guy is doing this as a joke this movie sucks".
Well the fact is I am telling my true opinion here. Michael Jackson
kicks ass, and any haters can stop reading now. He is one of my
favorite singers for a number of reasons. The main reasons why he kicks
ass is….

1.His brilliant singing.

2.His awesome dance abilities.

3.Creative music videos.

4.His lyrics make an actual story.

These days music is lazy. For example look at Lady Gaga. She lets a
machine sing for her. She has no dance abilities. Her music videos try
to be weird to be cool, but in the end they are messes. Her lyrics are
moronic only surrounding three things sex, drugs, and being weird. I
could make better lyrics than her with my eyes closed. MJ had songs
that told stories not summaries of what happened at a college party.
Today music is bland. Now after bashing Gaga fans I'm ready to talk
film. It starts with MJ performing in a concert "Man in the Mirror". It
is a wonderfully edited scene capturing the songs brilliance. It also
shows how crazy his fans were about him perfectly. Then we move on to a
montage of all the different songs in his career starting with The
Jackson 5. Then we reach a cheesy, but an extremely enjoyable scene
where MJ is getting chased by stop motion animation fans. Then we get a
music video called "Leave Me Alone". It has great surreal images about
how MJ is constantly mobbed by the media. It is a great scene. Now we
reach the actual story. The plot is about a man trying to get all the
kids in the world hooked on drugs. It is simply, but it supplies all it
needs to. The effects are great, the direction is good, and I think MJ
is actually a good actor. The highlight by far is the "Smooth Criminal"
music video. It is simply the definition of awesome. The dancing is
choreographed to perfection, the cinematography is brilliant, and you
got MJ bringing his great singing voice. It is for sure one of the best
scenes in film history. It all ends with MJ singing "Come Together". He
remakes the Beatles' classic perfectly. It kicks so much ass I couldn't
sit down for a while. This movie is great. So what if it is one big ego
trip. MJ deserves to have an inflated ego. Now that he is dead music is
done for. The next generation will grow up to garbage like Lady Gaga
and The Black Eyed Peas. It is a sad looking future for music. At least
the world has memories like this movie.

4 stars out of 4


Besides from the seeing the new "This Is It" and saying Im a huge
Michael Jackson fan, I thought I would prove it and see a movie he
actually did back in his time. "Moonwalker" breaks all rules, laws, and
scripts in the film making history. It's completed in a phenomenal
fashion all leading up to the highlight of the film. A triumph
comic-book texture short entitled "Smooth Criminal" which Ill discuss

Besides being subject to jokes and media, we need to remember that back
in the 80s everyone was into Michael Jackson. So having a movie on him
titled by his dance that only a handful knew, Moonwalker. The film is
what you would call, a montage of Jackson clips, so Ill have to do
separate paragraphs to sort these out so I don't do block writing
entirely. Though I may combine some since some are very short.

The movie opens with Michael Jackson singing "Main In the Mirror" at a
live concert. He is covered in sweat and singing his heart out just to
please his fans. Then it cuts to a kaleidoscopic view of MJ's career
leading up till 1988. We see early clips of The Jacksons 5. From "ABC"
to "Beat It", it's all there.

Then we get a short clip of "Bad", entitled "Badder". The kids are
amazingly talented, doing back flips, front flips, everything while lip
syncing key point of the MJ song. It was sort of unnecessary having
this on the tape seeing as I didn't want to see kids sing one of my
favorite songs. Sure they were lip syncing, but I would like to see my
one of my favorite songs sung by the artist. Not pre "Kidz Bop" it up.

Followed by, my favorite of the film, "Speed Demon" which is MJ being
bombarded by his fans who are claymation figures. The scene, is overall
colorful and very upbeat. MJ acts natural, as if he has done this
before (which he probably has). Overall, this is the best thing on the
tape, so far.

"Leave Me Alone" is a heartfelt crowdpleaser, showing MJ dancing in
front of a crowd, announcing to everyone who can hear him to, well,
leave him alone. It's a catchy tune that is definitely and underrated
portion of the film.

The next clip, is the main course, and the point of this whole film
extravaganza. It is Michael Jackson, playing a superhero trying to stop
Mr. Big (Joe Pesci) from drug-dealing crime boss with an army of
henchmen. Michael Jackson, at the same time, is protecting Katie, Zeke,
and Sean three homeless kids who spy on MJ. After escaping Mr. Big's
clutches, MJ goes into the club and begins dancing to "Smooth Criminal"
while defeating Big's henchman. Thats all you can say without giving
anything away. It is a real standout from the movie and the dance
choreography is stunning. Michael is probably the at his most lively
stage yet, and not putting himself or dancers into any grueling

Then the last two segments are minor, though serve a purpose. "Come
Together" isn't the greatest thing to come out of the tape. It is a
little long, but still not awful. "Come Together" is a song originally
written and sung by The Beatles being sung by Jackson here. In my
opinion it should have stayed sung by The Beatles.

"The Moon is Walking" and the music video of "Smooth Criminal" closes
this heartfelt film. My only complaint is that this movie is unsure of
what it wants to be. First, it wants to be a documentary, then it wants
to be a compilation of music videos and music clips. It jumps around
and at points is confused. But for the most part, "Moonwalker" is a
sensational movie that is sure too please MJ's fans.

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