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  • Motocrossed
    • Motocrossed
    • Runtime:110 min
    • Release Date:2013-06-22 16:02:53
    • Director: Steve Boyum
    • Genres: Action, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Motocrossed


the review by joliefille411 was spot on.

The main reason you'll like this movie is the fact that the plot is
drawn from a Shakespearean play.

In fact, the working title was "The 12th Lap".

Shakespeare, always a favorite has many teen movies based on his plays
- other notables are: —"10 Things I hate About You", starring the
late Heath Ledger. (and currently a TV program, with Gregory Peck's
grandson in the Patrick Verona role) based on "Taming of a Shrew"
—"She's the Man" with Amanda Bynes and "Just One of the Guys" based
on "Twelth Night", like this movie.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Right off the bat, I want to say that i am trying my best not to
include any spoilers to the movie.

This movie has almost no flaws! I think it has great acting, a lot of
humor, and just enough action to keep you watching.It also supports the
whole "women's rights" thing, but, hey, that's not my thing, being only
16… I remember taping this movie like 4 times because it just didn't
want to work… it's also one of the only classic DCOM movies that they
show without it being Halloween or Christmas…The only person who
wouldn't like this movie is someone who doesn't like romance, humor, or
dirt bikes…

And also, if you don't like this movie, go to your local dealer and see
if you can get a test drive… i know most people live in the city
these days, but there are tons of trails that you can go to to have
some good old not-so-clean fun! And don't worry… no musical numbers!

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