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  • Moulin Rouge!
    • Moulin Rouge!
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:10:49
    • Director: Baz Luhrmann
    • Genres: Drama, Musical, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Moulin Rouge!


I mean I physically could not finish because the lightning fast editing
was hurting my eyes and just making me dizzy. The camera switches
scenes on average about every 1-2 seconds and I've got the beginnings
of a headache to prove it. Never have I had a movie make me physically
sick, but this one has managed to achieve that distinction and not just
because of the editing.

I can't say what the story is actually about because I couldn't discern
that amidst the cluster of technicolor overload, ridiculously
hyperbolic characters, and MTV music videos cinematography. Luhrmann
tries too hard to be out of the box and winds up with a total mess

I gave it 1 star for the effort and another star for the production.
The costumes and staging are wonderful. At least I think they are. The
camera moves so fast I'm not sure I actually saw what I saw. Suffice it
to say I won't be going anywhere near this film EVER.


"I mean the show will be magnificent, opulent, tremendous, stupendous,
gargantuan bedazzlement! A sensual ravishment. It will be…Spectacular

I thought the first half of Moulin Rouge was spectacular. Beyond
spectacular. Grand, sexy, bright, colorful, manic, clever, sumptuous,
lavish, and endlessly amusing. Kidman was wonderful, the songs and
performances grab you and don't let go, and I was just intensely
interested by it all. It was the kind of start that anyone who enjoys a
fun movie would find irresistible.

The second half, however, cooled my ardor a bit. The story takes a turn
for the more serious and tragically romantic. The liveliness was
replaced with sadness, the fun was supplanted with the dour, and Nicole
Kidman was tragically over-dressed. I'm not claiming that these aspects
of the movie were flaws (except Nicole Kidman not being half-naked
anymore), but they didn't appeal to me as much as what came before. I
found myself losing interest somewhat.

So my score is an average of a stellar first half and a disappointing
(for me) finale. Depending on your preference for the melodramatic, you
may not share my reservations. Regardless, this is a movie that anyone
with even a passing fondness for musicals must see. It's a glorious
experience, even if it's an uneven one.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You sure gotta give it points for it's creative use of songs.But that's

The movie is too obsessed with conveying it's message "The greatest
thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return".That's
true,but since they thought the rest didn't matter the movie ends
abruptly with no closure.I thought there was going to be some twist in
which she didn't die.She did die,and I thought "All right, I'll see
what happens next".Nothing.Christian may be happy because he
experienced love,but they don't show us that.We're left with the
impression he's gone suicidal!

Meanwhile,Baz Luhrmann is also obsessed with trying to establish his
own style.The silly comedy is a good memory of the '50s comedies.But
the fast camera work makes it look like a music video so much that it
doesn't give you the time to absorb what you see,to understand what's
happening,nor to breath!

Grades: D in the U.S. and 4,0 in Chile.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really liked Moulin Rouge because it was a musical, drama, romance,
comedy, and everything in between. It made me laugh, cry, and sing and
I liked that. I enjoyed the variety of cast members and thought they
played their characters very well; Nicole Kidman is one of my favorite
actresses and Ewan McGregor is pretty cute so that may also be why I'm
partial to this movie.

What I didn't like about this movie was the ending, but I suppose that
a "happily ever after" would've been cliché.

A Walk to Remember shares many things in common with Moulin Rouge, but
they also have differences. They both share sad endings and are love
stories. However, Moulin Rouge has more genres entwined within the
story than A Walk to Remember does.

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