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  • My Best Friend Is a Vampire
    • My Best Friend Is a Vampire
    • Runtime:89 min
    • Release Date:2016-12-09 20:07:05
    • Director: Jimmy Huston
    • Genres: Comedy, Horror, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:My Best Friend Is a Vampire


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a good movie. I remember seeing it as a kid and I loved it. I
have had the pleasure of renting this from Netflix and seeing it again
in over a decade.

The plot revolves around a teenager named Jeremy Capello (Rober Sean
Leonard) who works as a grocery deliverer and he has to deliver to an
old mansion. The woman there seduces him and then bites him on the
neck. He is ambushed by two men and they kill the vampire and torch the

The next few days are hell for Jeremy as he goes through changes. He
can't stand garlic, he can't eat normal food, he always wears
sunglasses, and he also gets the urge to drink pigs blood. Then a
guardian shows up and teaches him that he doesn't have to be a
bloodsucker like in the movies. He can just live a normal life. He can
stay out in the sunlight and drink pig's blood. He won't have to feed
off of humans either.

Now he must avoid a psychotic vampire hunter and his partner. The movie
is pretty funny. I would recommend it to your kids because it isn't
scary. I saw it as a kid myself.

The movie gets 7 stars out of 10 from me. It's a good movie!


Granted I only know of one other movie that fits into this genre and
that is the Jim Carrey movie "Once Bitten". This one though is better
than that one as it is just a bit funnier and has a better and more
likable plot to it. This one has a teen going to the house of a girl
for what he thinks is going to be a one night stand kind of thing, as
it turns out though the person he is seeing is a vampire and he is soon
infected and must now feast on blood. Thankfully, it does not have to
be human blood as a rather friendly vampire teaches him the ways of
living a rather nice existence as a vampire without having to drink the
blood of humans. Unfortuanately, a sort of Van Helsing type hunter of
vampires who saw him and his friend at the girl's house where he was
bitten, however, he thinks it is the guy's friend and not him that has
been bitten and turned into a vampire. The guy also is having girl
trouble as he even tries to use vampire hypnotism to get the girl he
likes. All this makes for an very funny comedy that really is rather
lighthearted. So while not perfect, it makes for a fun film to watch.

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