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  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    • Runtime:95 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:26:05
    • Director: Joel Zwick
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:My Big Fat Greek Wedding


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a refreshing movie! The contrast between the WASP lifestyle and
the Greek was very well done. I agree that most of us WASPs lead boring
lives; certainly compared to the cultures that celebrate togetherness.
To the Greeks, apparently, cohesion is more important than conformity.
It fascinated me that, although these Greek characters were so
connected,they were so distinctively unique.

Ian was lost in this exuberance, but in love enough to be open to it;
and to always fall for "Nico's" verbal jokes. Ian and Toula were
different culturally, but their essence was the same; they were gentle
people awash in worlds of too much isolation from feelings and too
overwhelming in feelings. They both felt themselves odd balls in those
worlds, and were magnetized to one another instantly.

Of course, the most hilarious scene was when Ian tried to flirt outside
Toula's office window and got "an old lady ass kicking" for his
trouble. That, being followed by the scene where, in her entrancement
with her new found soul mate, Toula flattens herself backwards! Those
touches in the film that remind us of our own silly experiences are
what made this movie so great for me. I loved the warmth of a culture
so very different from my own; the realistic opposition that the father
shows; the astonishment, but acceptance, by the "toast" parents of the

One of my favorite escape films.


"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" plays out like a 15-minute stand-up comedy
routine stretched over a 90-minute running time.

Nia Vardalos takes aim at her big, Greek family, and the film is full
of fairly stale material about how overbearing they are, how hairy they
are, how loud they are, and how much they like to eat. Any number of
Woody Allen films have already covered this terrain, but I guess
there's always room for one more. To her credit, Vardalos is a pleasant
actress and she has a winning quality to her that makes the film
painless to sit through.

She received an Academy Award nomination for her original screenplay.

Grade: B

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