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  • My Cousin Vinny
    • My Cousin Vinny
    • Runtime:120 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:20:21
    • Director: Jonathan Lynn
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:My Cousin Vinny


In this smartly directed but otherwise unassuming comedy two young city
slickers are wrongly arrested for murder in rural Alabama after a
bizarre (but not illogical) misunderstanding; one of them, 'Karate Kid'
Ralph Macchio, hires his amateur lawyer cousin to defend them. The
title role belongs to 'Goodfella' Joe Pesci, doing what he does best:
playing a street-smart, overage New York City punk, who (eventually)
outguesses the DA, an unsympathetic jury, and hard-nosed hanging judge
Fred Gwynne. Sure, it's lightweight stuff, but never as stupid or crass
as the multi-plex fodder it sometimes resembles. At times the scenario
calls to mind a bubblegum parody of Sidney Lumet's 'The Verdict', with
Vinnie losing every legal battle on his way to winning the courtroom
war. Credit director Jonathan Lynn and writer Dale Launer for proving
that a routine commercial comedy can be enjoyable if it doesn't insult
the viewer's intelligence.


A very funny, eminently watchable film. Pesci and Tomei create the
proper chemistry in this farce about two young guys driving on their
way to college, who take the southern scenic route, and wind up in the
clink for a murder rap. Short money means they may not be able to
afford competent legal representation…but…ta-da…Cousin Vinny is a
family member who is a lawyer, and comes to the rescue. Only thing
is…he's only been practicing for six weeks, and has only done
personal injury. Plus, his big city ways clash with this backwards ,
sleepy, southern town. The main point of the movie is how Pesci keeps a
step ahead of the game with lies, mis-statements,
mis-representations…and a a girlfriend in Marisa Tomei, who is not
only a sexpot…she's smarter than he is. Especially about cars. He
gives Judge Fred Gwynne (in his final film) apoplexy…and Gwynne gives
him time for contempt. Finally, Vinny gets his legal legs and decides
to face this thing directly…just like a full fledged criminal
lawyer…though he's NEVER tried a case before…not even personal
injury. You know it's got to be hilarious, and the joke is on Pesci,
even though he manages to fool everyone. Intelligently funny without
going over the top completely, this is a film you will want to watch
more than once and possibly…like me…you will want to add it to your
film collection.


"My Cousin Vinny" is easily the most inventive and enjoyable American
film farce in a long time, even during those extended patches when it
seems to be marking time or when it continues with a running gag that
can't stay the distance.

The film has a secure and sophisticated sense of what makes farce so
delicious, which may not be surprising, since its credentials are about
as impeccable as you can find in the peccable atmosphere of Hollywood.

The cast is very good. Mr. Pesci, recently the embodiment of
out-of-control evil in "Goodfellas" and a burglar of singular
ineptitude in "Home Alone," is a puzzled delight as he attempts to
gather his wits, being helped not at all by Mona Lisa's loudly
articulated common sense and her ability to read law books and retain
their contents.

It was extremely hilarious and is great for anyone over the age of 10!
From start to finish this film is comedy at its best. Highly
Recommended,,,,10/10 .

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