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  • My Tutor
    • My Tutor
    • Runtime:97 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:26:19
    • Director: George Bowers
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nice, but awkward and still virginal high school senior Bobby Crystal
(a charming performance by the hunky Matt Lattanzi) flunks his French
class, so his overbearing sleazy jerk wealthy dad (a perfectly smarmy
Kevin McCarthy) hires the sweet, yet alluring tutor Terry Green (a
winningly sexy and vibrant portrayal by the gorgeous Caren Kaye) to
teach him French over the summer so he can pass a crucial exam and
still get into college. Naturally, Bobby and Terry wind up having a
steamy affair. Director George Bowers, working from a fairly thoughtful
and sincere script by Joe Roberts, maintains a steady pace and a
pleasant lighthearted tone throughout. Yeah, there's the expected tasty
distaff nudity and raucous raunchy humor, but amid all that racy stuff
we also get a considerable and refreshing amount of real heart and
warmth. Lattanzi and Kaye make for attractive and appealing leads;
their love scenes are surprisingly tender and erotic. The ever-wacky
Crispin Glover contributes a hysterically goony turn as Bobby's horny
nerd friend Jack. Moreover, there's sound acting by Arlene Golonka as
Bobby's ditsy mom, Bruce Bauer as slimy yuppie Don Sylvestor, Clark
Brandon as Bobby's smoothie buddy Billy, and the insanely cute Amber
Denyse Austin as Bobby's fetching gal pal Bonnie. Popping up in nifty
bit roles are Kitten Natividad as a buxom prostitute, Jewel Shepard as
a fantasy girl, and future director Katt Shea as a mud wrestler. The
infectiously bouncy soundtrack, some red hot aerobics, and those choice
garish 80's fashions (gotta love those leg warmers and leotards!) give
this flick a certain funky Greed Decade period charm. Mac Ahlberg's
glossy cinematography gives the picture a sparkling bright look. Best
of all, we even get a solid and positive central message about doing
what you want to do with your life. A total delight.


I saw a trailer for MY TUTOR while I was working my way through BCI
Eclipse' Drive-in Cult Classics 1, 2, 3, and 4 (featuring Crown
International Pictures releases) on DVD.

My Tutor is another early-'80s teen sex comedy. The story is about an
18-year-old high school student who desperately wants to lose his
virginity before summer ends. Besides that, Bobby (played by Matt
Lattanzi) flunks his French class and his wealthy parents hire a tutor
named Terry Green (played by Caren Kaye) so that he can get into Yale.

The film has a couple of stupid subplots as well; and, unlike other
Crown International releases, my Tutor is very, very light on plot…
and, plausibility! And, while Caren Kaye holds the whole movie
together, it just plods along going nowhere.

There is very little action for the first 45 minutes; and, then, the
big payoff hits right about the 55-minute mark. Then, it just plunges
back into inanity; and, more about nothing, including the father's
infidelity, and bad pickup lines…

I just don't know if I can make it through the last half hour.

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