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  • Nikita
    • Nikita
    • Runtime:115 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:46:17
    • Director: Luc Besson
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
    • Studio:


An unrepentant junkie punk in a nameless, near-future city (designed
from the same blueprint used in 'A Clockwork Orange') is arrested and
programmed by an elite undercover organization to be the Total Woman,
trained in close combat, firearms, computer skills, make-up, and
housekeeping. Her mission is to assassinate a series of anonymous VIPs
(whose crimes are never explained), and no less an expert than Jeanne
Moreau teaches her how to apply cosmetics, with as much skill as she
wields a gun but with more attractive results. The whole idea behind
this ultra-modern French thriller would be insulting if it weren't so
ridiculous, but the tongue-in-cheek absurdity proves to be a saving
grace. The plot veers madly back and forth from tender romance to
grisly violence, but except for the understated charm of boyfriend
Jean-Hughes Anglade the emphasis is more on cold, often superfluous
style: there's even a POV shot from a bullet in mid-flight. All that
plus travelogue footage of Paris and Venice, in yet another continental
attempt to copy popular Hollywood role models.


"You could say I work…for the government. We've decided to give you
another chance."

I've been wanting to see La Femma Nikita for ages, as I used to be
quite the fan of the TV show based on it when I was a kid. It's nice to
be able to say that the movie was just as exciting and entertaining as
I remember the show being.

The plot is about a young drug addict who kills a cop when she and some
guys are caught robbing a pharmacy. The French government fakes her
death, and she's given little alternative but to join a training
program to become an agent in the government's employ. The stress of
living a violent life that she doesn't want and having to keep it
secret from her fiancé eventually becomes too much for her to cope

La Femme Nikita has several impressive action sequences, but it's more
than just an action movie. Nikita transforms over the course of the
story from a drugged-up junkie with nothing to live for to a capable
and dangerous woman who wants control over her own life.

All in all I thought La Femme Nikita was a solid blend of assassination
and drama. The heroine is probably one of the most interesting female
action protagonists ever put up on the big screen, and it's hard to
overstate the impact Nikita has had on other female protagonists in
these kinds of movies in the last twenty years. Recommended.


How could I have enjoyed Nikita 20 years back? I was much younger and I
was only beginning to get interested in movies so all the tricks

Besson makes movies for teenagers like him, for adults who refuse to
grow up. Not because the adult world is too complex and dangerous, and
he'll never again be a naive young boy (that is Spielberg's nostalgic
stance) but because he is stubborn and intellectually challenged. "It's
a tough world out there but I don't care because I was always this
child living within his fantasies" and he never grew up and got a lot
of success and made a lot of money, got to live with beautiful girls
and got respect from powerful people.

Nikita looks so fake today, nothing rings right. The look is so 80s,
the characters so flimsy… The opening sequence is ridiculous and then
the continuity is only based on poor little screaming Nikita. This lack
of substance rapidly becomes annoying, even more so as Tcheky Karyo
reads his scarce lines. With Jean Reno he is the kind of strong-faced
and dumb actor, a poor-man's Clint Eastwood who kills without a wink
but is so fragile inside (ah-ah): the typical Besson hero.

Nikita was much hyped for its visual prowess. Well, there's really a
nice surreal & futuristic look in the settings but the directing skills
only make the script appear more dumb and vain. Besson has always made
movies for teenagers and this is a good business. He is a smart
businessman with a visual eye, but no more skilled than a video-clip
director and none of his movies will stand the test of time.

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