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  • Ninja
    • Ninja
    • Runtime:86 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:28:06
    • Director: Isaac Florentine
    • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:


thought this movie is only a year or so old,it does sort of echo
martial arts movies from the eighties.it's very action packed,and very
stylish.unlike many movies of the genre,there actually more than a just
a thread holding the story together.there a quite few spectacular fight
scenes,and there a couple of fairly graphic deaths.i wasn't too
impressed with the acting at first but then it improved as the movie
progressed.the ending was a bit too predictable,in my opinion.but
still,this was a good movie,overall.it was fast paced,and enjoyable.i'd
watch it again.maybe not right away,though.would i recommend
it?.absolutely.for me,Ninja is a 7/10.


This is a story about an orphan ninjitsu student who is assigned to go
to New York and protect the armor of the last ninja. However things
just don't get as planned when another student goes renegade against
their former master and seeks to take the armor for himself.

Don't expect any surprises in the storyline, it is the action which
counts!Scott Adkins is Casey and although most of critics will say that
his acting is not good, I found it pretty convincing.He acts with nerve
and besides that his stunts and choreography are stunning, much more
than someone would expect to see in a DTV production. I strongly
believe that it definitely deserved a limited theatrical release. Nu
Image films has raised the level for action movies with its latest
productions (Command Performance and Rambo) and the funs of this kind
are sure that more good work will come.

Tsuyoshi Ihara and Mika Hijii perform also pretty good. The stunts are
realistic and violent with a lot of bleeding and it is the fast paced
directing of Isaac Florentine that makes the difference! To conclude,
this is a movie that no action fun should lose and besides that it is a
promising title that could, in the near future, produce a storyline
with sequels.


General: Good B movie. Acting: Very Mediocre. Storyline: Typical.

Direction: Actually pretty decent! I believe Florentine deserves to
move higher in Hollywood. He makes some great action flicks with a very
limited budget. Watch Undisputed II as well, even better than Ninja.

Action: The BEST. This movie has great fight scenes, better than most
of the big budget movies out there. The choreography is also well
directed, which means you can actually appreciate every Japanese Ju
Jitsu movement in this movie.

Conclusion: A cool flick to watch with guys. It's not bad at all. Give
it a chance, if you want to see an above the average martial arts
action film, with good direction and great (Ong Bak style, no wires and
CGI) fight scenes, just please do not watch it for the acting.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, I thought "another ninja movie, how original…" but the good
reviews made me watch it and, I must say, it wasn't a disappointment.
The acting was OK and the story actually was good. It wasn't about
flying ninjas that have supernatural powers, speed or anything like
that. They were more close to real martial artists then any other ninja
movie, making it quite believable it could be real. The story has few
holes, as any movie has, but it was very enjoyable and entertaining.
Also, I learned there are no cops in New York at night, since they
fight in the streets, with swords, guns, cars crashing, and they draw
absolutely no attention. Aside from that, Ninja is a good movie, with a
good and original story, OK acting, few holes in the script, and it was
not as absurd as any other fantasy ninja movie.

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