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  • Nowhere Boy
    • Nowhere Boy
    • Runtime:98 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:19:14
    • Director: Sam Taylor Wood
    • Genres: Biography, Drama, Music
    • Studio:


with good directing and great acting and a story not heard before this
movie goes well! it delivers, and moves you. But at some times I just
feel that the movie is a bit overplayed, and TOO tragic. but it's a
fine little story about John Lennon and his meet with Paul McCartney,
or as said at a time in the movie, McCharmly. and it does fine describe
the growth of the band, from 'the Quarrymen' to 'The Beatles'. There is
some laughable moments in the movie too. And it averages fine between
happy-go-lucky movie to tragedy movie.

And yeah, of course kristin scott-thomas plays really great but
newcomer Aaron Johnson plays really good as the young Lennon too.

One piece of great movie, and not too long too, and that is nice.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Aaron Johnson shines as the young John Lennon in this entertaining and
moving recreation of his teenage years. With the support of Mimi, his
guardian and the woman most responsible for keeping a roof over his
head, as well as being a solid emotional support for him, Scott-Thomas
is sensational. Together they are the emotional core of the film, and
their relationship is what keeps us watching because we know Lennon
would have not succeeded without her support, and there is not much
left in life for her without his recognition that she is important in
his life.

Johnson does a remarkable job, as the reckless boy who doesn't
understand the forces that will eventually shape his future. He is
drawn to music, sometimes surrendering to the impulses of a normal
teenager, getting in trouble and facing the consequences placed on him
by his headmaster and "mother". Things become more complicated as he is
visited by his real mom, a woman who suffers from her emotional
illness. She is essential part of his artistic growth, but she brings
more complications than he needs, and eventually, her disappearance
shapes his growth as an artist.

The film presents the young man as an interesting figure, someone full
of potential and spirit, ready to be shaped by his own nature and the
influential figures around him. He loves the fiery characteristics of
his natural mother, but he can't really exist without the emotional and
solid support of Mimi. Later on, he encounters the other band members
who will lead him to fame, and they also start contributing and
changing his life.

"Nowhere Boy" might not do complete justice to a man of Lennon's fame,
but it gives us a decent introduction to the world of a man whose
musical influence shaped millions of lives. It is definitely a movie to


Nowhere Boy is based on the memoir of the same name by Julia Baird. The
film is about John Lennon, who would later join the really successful
60's band The Beatles, have a popular solo career, become an icon and
visionary for poems and words about peace and understanding only to be
tragically killed in 1980. These are all things you probably know about
John Lennon, but Nowhere Boy shows us things that we probably do not
know about him, unless you have read the memoir on which it's based, or
researched John Lennon and his background. The film follows John as a
teenager living with his Aunt Mimi. John doesn't really care all that
much for school and is continually getting in trouble there. After a
chance encounter with his real mother, Julia. John learns to like
listening to rock and roll music and eventually gets a small band
together, but this film is not entirely about that either. It mainly
focuses on his relationship with his mother, Julia now that they are
reacquainted after a long absence and also his life living with his
strict, but also caring Aunt Mimi. The refreshing thing about Nowhere
Boy, is that it is a docudrama about a musician, but it avoids all the
usual methods of storytelling and clichés. Instead of making this a
big, long epic movie covering the things that most John Lennon fans and
people in general would probably know, it takes a different route and
shows us something we most likely did not know. This is not a film
about John, joining The Beatles and becoming a famous rock star. That
is not in this film at all. In fact nothing past the time where he is
studying at college is shown, or really even mentioned in the film. I
appreciated that because what we got was a more focused film on a time
in John Lennon's life that may not have been as much published, but was
still as important to his growing and the way he turned out as a
person. The film isn't given a glamorous big budget look like most rock
biographies, but instead a grittier type of setting where we can really
connect and even feel for the characters in front of us. So often with
films about rock musicians, it just chronicles the party type lifestyle
said musician had and it tends to follow a certain pattern that those
type of films have set out. There are a few exceptions, but a lot of
them are like that. In this film we really get to know these characters
in this period of their lives and we get to see their flaws, the things
that make them successful, or good people and overall they become real
to us. It is not like watching a movie, where it feels like you are
watching a movie. Instead it feels like you are right there. The
director and screenwriter have successfully done this and make it a
personal film, but also one that is really entertaining and at times
powerful too. The performances from Aaron Johnson (John Lennon),
Kristin Scott Thomas (Aunt Mimi) and Anne-Marie Duff (Julia) are all
perfect performances and offer so much depth and insight into these
character's lives. I sure hope they all are up for acting Oscars next
year. The film is not a long film and it doesn't need to be either. It
shows us a chapter in John's life that is equally as important as the
later events and shows us something we probably have not seen, or did
not know about prior to seeing the film. For making it tremendously
entertaining, a great character study and with pitch perfect
performances, this makes Nowhere Boy one of the best films of 2010 and
I hope you the reader will go see it, whether you are a fan of John
Lennon, or not.


Granted this is a story of John Lennon's teenage years, before Hamburg,
before Beatlemania. Yet somehow, one senses a very feminine approach –
the movie focuses on soap-opera style confrontations, tearful
recriminations, and endless melodrama, with any actual rocking and
rolling kept to a minimum.

Kristin Scott Thomas is lovely as Aunt Mimi. She's steely and yet warm,
judgmental and yet sympathetic. You really sense in her all the iron
will and strength of character that allowed the English common people
to endure centuries of brutal injustice. And that made her own nephew
into a superstar — even though the John we see is more weepy and
helpless than charismatic and sexy.

I was hoping for a great movie about John Lennon.

This is a great movie about John Lennon's aunt.

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