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  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
    • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
    • Runtime:79 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:46
    • Director: Clyde Geronimi
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:One Hundred and One Dalmatians


After the ambitious and stylish 'Sleeping Beauty', Disney made this.
It's not the «basic of the basics» that 'Oliver & Company' is, but it's
one of the cheapest-looking Disney animated motion pictures.

It's not one of Disney's very best and surely no masterpiece by any
means. It doesn't feel magical and special and maybe because of its
"economical" nature it seems to age more rapidly than many older Disney
animated films. But still it's enjoyable enough and has its own charm.

The artwork doesn't compare to the best, it looks basic and often
crude, but still there is also some pretty good bits of artwork. The
soundtrack is among Disney's best in the 60's, especially the amusing
song "Cruella DeVil".

The dalmatians are endearing, of course. Pongo is my favorite of the
big dalmatians. As for the puppies, it's so difficult to choose a
favorite among such a high number as 99, but I'd say that Lucky and
Rolly are my favorites.

None of the villains are among Disney's best or funniest. Cruella DeVil
is as devilish as her name and appearance suggests. She's got an
explosive temper and she is ultra-skinny and veeery ugly! Horace and
Jasper have some funny moments (such as when Jasper is talking on the
phone with Cruella and tells Horace aggressively «Oh shut up, you
idiot!» and Cruella gets mad thinking it was for her and hangs up the
phone), but they are just as evil as Cruella, although they're clearly
more stupid. Horace is short, fat and has a big nose. Jasper is tall,
ultra-skinny and he's got a nose just as big as Horace's and many other
characters in this movie.

The intentions of Cruella and her helpers Horace and Jasper towards the
puppies are pretty disturbing and horrifying. But the movie has several
nice moments of adventure which help relieving this tense atmosphere.

Title in Portugal: 'Os 101 Dálmatas'.


This film is yet another one that I saw an extremely long time ago, and
now I am going to critique it. In my opinion, Walt Disney and Company
bring us another fabulous animated movie that is absolutely funny and
hysterical, 101 Dalmations! I recall that I was just laughing,
laughing, and laughing at this movie the first time that I saw it, I
mean that this film is really hysterical, and that means that it is
filled with a very large amount of laughs! In my opinion, this is
another one of the greatest animated movies that I have ever seen in my
whole life, and that is really saying a lot because I have seen a lot
of really great animated feature films since I was a very little kid!
Not only is this film one of the greatest animated feature films, but
it is also one of my all time favorite animated feature films!

Now I am going to say some pros, I have no cons, but pros. This film
has got a lot of what a really great animated feature film like this
one has got, it has got some great voices, great animation, and great
everything! I have nothing that I can say that is not in this
remarkable movies favor, and because I have nothing to say that is not
in this movies favor, it is therefore a perfect movie! This really is a
perfect movie, it is absolutely funny, exciting in a lot of parts, and
overall is a very remarkable film that it an extraordinarily good time!

This just might be a little pointless of me to say, but I really advise
that you see this movie if you haven't, because like I was, you are
going to be laughing yourself silly! You are probably going to think
that this is one of the greatest animated feature films that you have
ever seen, so overall, this film is a must see movie that you are going
to enjoy!



*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a monkey lover (not like that you dirty boy! Lol!) I have trouble
watching films about animals which don't feature monkeys. After
overcoming this initial disappointment, I sat down to watch this Walter
Dizzy classic. The story is about a family who have a hundred Dalmation
dogs (the ones which look like zebras) and are entering the American
version of Crufts- 'The Abe Lincoln Sponsored Stars And Stripes Canine
Appreciation Gala Contest Bonanza For Dog Breeders Featuring Exciting
Races, Daring Obstacles, Grooming Awards, And Stalwart Obedience Show!'
or better known as TALSSASCAGCBFDBFERDOGAASOS! The family hear about a
loophole that if someone has 101 dogs of the same breed they
automatically win the top prize- the Woofey, and a million one dollar
bits. Their dogs are mongrels you see- stupid, ugly, and disobedient.
The first part of the show is taken up with the family trying to train
their dogs to sit, sleep, run, eat, dance, and sing- this leads to some
wonderful hits such as 'Spot The Wrong'un!', 'Who Let The Dogs Out',
'Barken', 'Oh What A Lovely Bone' and 'Get Off My Nice Clean Carpet You
Dirty Bitch'. Realising their dogs are useless they try to exploit the
loop. Most of the film is taken up by the owners and their lovely
children trying to get their puppies to mate so that they reach the
target of 101- this led to some questionable scenes which young
audiences were not prepared for and the eventual 'disappearances of
many of the staff. 40 years later a mass burial site was exhumed where
a number of bodies of the staff were found- some with bones inserted in
the wrong spot (pardon the puns). Bette Davis spices things up a tad
with her portrayal of Cruel Fella D'Evil- a local mobster who went
mental when her husband was murdered by the Godfather, Don Niro De
Pachinko. She hates the sound of dogs, but loves the taste, and has
heard an ancient myth which speaks of 'the flysh of the one hundred and
first born pup shall give eternal life to he who shalt feast of it'.
She tries to kidnap number 101 (Ploppy) and eat it, but the other dogs
set traps up for her around the house, such as messes under the
windows, messes on the hallways, and worst of all, messes on the door
handles. I won't spoil the ending for you, but it ends by the plot
coming to and end and the credits rolling. Although this was filmed
about a hundred (and one!) years ago, the graphics and camera-work are
very enticing. Disney were the only studio rich enough back then to
make their films in colour, which is why this looks so could compared
to other rubbish like Castle Blanka. Unfortunately the unsavoury nature
of the plot combined with the toilet humour, and the fact that it was
basically a remake of the Nazi propaganda film 'Eine hundert und eine
Rettungen' or 101 Salvations mean that it makes for inappropriate

Best Scene: Fred Willard's humorous commentary throughout the various
stages of the dog trials- it was one of his first appearances, at the
age of 42.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a great film for kids and the whole family…

Beautifully directed and beautiful colors with a great cast of vocal
talents.. Cruella De vil is one of the creepiest, most hated cartoon
characters I have ever seen..

A dog and his pet Roger, falls for another dalmatian and her pet Anita.
Anita works for the fashion industry and her boss Cruella wants her
puppies to make a coat of a new style, a spotted dalmatian one. Of
course Roger and Anita wont give the dogs up, so Cruella has two crazy
men do her work for her and steal them, along with many more a total of
99 puppies.

The dogs send out a barking alert and the barking spreads from London
all the way to De vil's house in the woods and then the dogs go out and
try to find their pups..

I loved a lot of things about this cute little toon. I loved Cruella
and her evilness as a villain. I love how they portrayed the dogs as a
family and the humans were secondary. I loved the twilight bark that
helped them spread the messages to other dogs. I loved the cat that
helped out with the rescue, he gave me some good laughs. The color and
animation was beautiful. The movie speeds by really fast and didn't get
boring…I liked it and give 5 stars out of 10 which is a lot for me to
give a cartoon, esp. a Disney one.

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