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  • Pakeezah
    • Pakeezah
    • Runtime:126 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:19:22
    • Director: Kamal Amrohi
    • Genres: Drama, Musical, Romance
    • Studio:


This typically melodramatic Bollywood film has inexplicably become a
favorite of Western critics. The script is ludicrous, the acting is
over-the-top, and it looks cheesy. The only reasons for watching this
soap opera are the wonderful songs sung by Mangeshkar and the curtain
call of the legendary Meena Kumari. Watching the actress, who was ill
during the filming and would drink herself to death at age 40 shortly
after the film was released, has the same fascination as watching a
train wreck. Her ex-husband, Amrohi, wrote and directed, but lacks the
competency to execute either task well. Bollywood has produced far
better films.


Pakeezah has a very interesting history (which is well documented in
the 'Trivia' section) about how it came to be. It seems as if destiny
conspired to test Kamal Amrohi (the director) while at the same time
secretly desiring to see him complete his masterpiece.

Pakeezah rides on metaphors, poetry and visual elocution. As a result
the intensity with which emotions come out achieve a dimension which
may not be very real but are very effective and leave an impact on the

Meena Kumari lives the tragedy of Nargis and Sahib Jaan like her own.
The other stars of the film, besides her, are Ghulam Mohammed (the
music director), Lata Mangeshkar, Naushad (background score) and Joseph
Wirsching (the d.o.p). Their music and cinematography leaves you spell

Pakeezah is a classic in world cinema. It reveals new layers to you
every time you watch it again. Kamal Amrohi is one of the rare poets of
cinema and he left us all a gift.

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