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  • Pandorum
    • Pandorum
    • Runtime:108 min
    • Release Date:2016-12-05 07:30:35
    • Director: Christian Alvart
    • Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked Event Horizon. I like this film better because it made a little
more sense in the end.

I watched it in three segments. Mostly because it was too dark for most
of the film and more gore than I care for. The concept was good, the
acting good, the writing good. The only flaw was in the execution.

I struggled on through the gore to find out how everything would tie
together in the end. I liked the explanation of where the 'monsters'
came from but found myself curious as to why genetic treatments (that
were supposed to help them adapt to the new planet) caused those that
were woken up early to adapt to the ship environment in those
particular ways. I love the way it ends with all the undisturbed
sleeper pods bouncing up out of the ocean and people sitting up and
enough people surviving to still have a large, diverse, genetic
population to start a viable colony.

So while I do wish so much of it wasn't so dark and dirty and gory, I
still think it is a film worth watching.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just spent an hour reading "Pandorum" reviews, and after watching the
movie last night here's mine. I'm surprised to see how many people just
crap down the throats of negative reviewers. It seems that everyone who
reviewed this movie negatively got immediate backlash, the average "not
useful to me" number was nine. I went down about a hundred names at
once and saw an instant nine to one, or nine to nothing "thanks but
no-thanks" style remarks on this flick. Someone even said this movie,
"Pandorum" was better then "Event Horizon"? Well were all critics here
and everyone's got their own opinions, mine, i didn't like it. I think
all movie/video game projects should be halted immediately. That's not
to say there haven't been a few that I've enjoyed in the past, i just
thought this one had been done plenty of times before. Another
commenter added that this movie, typical of action/horror/video game
styled movies, has all the adrenaline with no orgasm to it. People
fight, and hide, and that's about it. There's no deep human search, no
conflict besides the aliens mulling around, and no Jack Noseworthy! To
each his own, two stars.


Pandorum entertains, and that does count for something, but it's not
quite satisfactory. Frankly, I think it tries too hard. The plot line
is overstuffed and not properly thought through, but It's certainly
never dull, and considering how many films it borrows from, it's also
curious that it never feels predictable. The reasons for this however
are more to do with contrivances than anything else. Backstory is
pretty much minimal and is presented in scrappy format. When you look
back on the film, it is easy enough to argue that the film makers want
us to be disoriented, yet not too severely that we cannot enjoy
ourselves. The result is creepy and chilling, but not very clever.

Pandoruum takes place on a mysterious vessel deep out in space, far
from Earth in the year 2170. All the power has gone out, and the crew
has just woken up from hyper sleep. They remember who they are but
don't have a clue where they are, or who and what lies on the other
side of the door which is locking them in. They come to realize that
they have been sent on a mission to a distant world, but time is
ticking to get the ship up and running again. Unless they do so, they
may be lost in space forever.

What I like about Pandorum is that it is always active and alive. For a
while, it works effectively as a claustrophobic horror film in Alien
style, as we get chased by unseen forces through some of the most dimly
lit corridors I have ever seen. Things start to brighten up bit by bit,
as the spaces get bigger and more complex more people are added to the
frame, blood gets spilled more frequently and the game gets bigger and

There are problems throughout the film (questionable acting, lack of
story), but up to a certain point they are never quite big enough to do
damage. It is around the climax when you start to feel the movie
shaking. Basically the problem is simple, it looses control. A
combination of heavy handed direction, and rushed sequencing take the
viewer out of the film, as we become aware of the sheer clumsiness.

I can recommend Pandorum but not without warning. Despite its best
attempts, it remains unoriginal, and it feels a little too overdone to
pass for a good film, but at least it's enjoyable.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Amnesia…traditional cliché employed in all kind of stories for the
convenience of screenwriters in search of easy drama, with the promise
of using some plot twists (specially during the ending).It generally
brings me distrust to find such laziness in the screenplay from a
movie, but I admit it can bring positive results every time the
screenwriter finds fresh angles to examine worn-out formulas.Pandorum
fulfills with that objective to some point only during the last 15
minutes, but the rest of the movie suffers from a lack of originality.

Before the last 15 minutes, the unoriginality is evident on practically
every scene from Pandorum.Risking myself to reveal some minor SPOILERS
(which were already shown in the trailers), I will say I found alarming
similarities to Alien, The Descent, Sunshine, Doomsday, Event Horizon,
Resident Evil, and a long etcetera.It seems that director Christian
Alvart thought that telling the story with a vertiginous speed and
frantic edition would make us to get the amnesia from the main
characters, and we would forget all the movies which were used as an
"inspiration" for Pandorum.

However, I have to admit Pandorum kept me moderately entertained thanks
to Alvart's competent direction and the solid performances from Dennis
Quaid and Ben Foster.And the movie makes an unexpected turn during the
last 15 minutes, something which worked as an antidote for the long
list of clichés which drove us to that point.And I think that the
characters should have been more endearing.

So, even though I found Pandorum to be a mediocre movie, I think it
deserves a slight recommendation, because it has some positive elements
which rescue the experience to some point.

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