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  • Pete’s Dragon
    • Pete’s Dragon
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:03
    • Director: Don Chaffey
    • Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Pete’s Dragon


"Pete's Dragon" is not the last Disney classic combining live-action
and animation (although the dragon is really the only cartoon on it),
but it's the last one in the traditional sense. That is why it looks
older than it really is. It is from 1977 but in many ways it looks like
something from the 60's or even the 50's. This means that even in 1977
it already looked dated, an impression that is even stronger
considering that 1977 brought us the "galactic" movies 'Star Wars' and
'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.

None of this are faults, though. It's just temper. Actually, "Pete's
Dragon" is cute and has a charm of its own. It's a timeless classic.
This was one of my childhood films. I loved it at the time, then when I
grew up and became a teen I hated it but now as an adult (and with
another maturity) I developed a love affair on it again.

Settings look wonderful. I wonder if Passamaquoddy exists for real.
Nevertheless, Passamaquoddy is one heck of a name. Not as difficult to
spell as "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (and by no means as
difficult as to say it backwards, which is
"dociousaliexpiisticfragicalirupus" but that's going a bit too far,
don't you think?), yet still a little difficult to say at first. Takes
its time to learn how to spell.

The dragon (whose name is Elliott) is cute and very friendly and sweet.
If he was real, he'd make a wonderful pet.

The kid is cute. What ever happened to Sean Marshall? He was both a
very talented actor and a gifted singer. Speaking of music, this movie
has immensely enchanting songs.

Jim Dale is hilarious as the sly as a fox and corrupt Dr. Terminus and
Red Buttons is priceless as his follower Hoagy. For me, Hoagy is pretty
much like Mr. Snoops from 'The Rescuers': mostly harmless, not truly
evil or threatening, just a poor guy who made the wrong friend.

This film's rating is very low. Deserves better. Nevertheless, this
reality doesn't interfere with its value.

Title in Portugal: 'Meu Amigo o Dragão'.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

from an ant to a bird, to a buffalo herd, let them walk and fly and
roam, step aside let them live, it's so simple to give, like us they
just need a home.

there's room for everyone in this world if everyone made some room.
won't you move over and share this world, everyone make some room.

there's room for everyone in this world, back up and make some room.
let's all move over and share this world let friendly feelings bloom.
just give an inch, give a yard never flinch, when the time comes to
offer a hand. so let's all make sure we give everyone somewhere to
stand, just the way God planned it. just the way God planned.

May The Truth Find You And Set You Free.God Bless.


A young troubled boy named Pete (Sean Marshall)and his guardian dragon
Elliott (Charlie Callas)elude the abusive Gogan family, who all use
Pete as a slave instead of a loved child. When Pete can successfully
run away from them with his dragon, he stumbles into the town of
Passamaquaddy- an ocean front harbor town filled with superstitious
fishermen, drunken hooligans and wary townsfolk. Pete's arrival does
not mix well with the citizens, as his dragon Elliott accidentally
causes town rioting and gossip among the town drunks about the dragon.
Expecting to be an outcast yet again, Pete is taken in by the kind Nora
(Helen Reddy)who lives in a lighthouse with her father Lampy (Mickey
Rooney). While Pete bonds with Nora and Lampy, the townsfolk have not
lowered their guards and suspicions about the dragon. And when Dr.
Terminus (Jim Dale)arrives, a phony con artist posing as a doctor, he
sees Elliott the Dragon as the ultimate profit to his fame. With
Passamaquaddy filled with superstition, greed and lack of imagination,
life will not be easy before the town can ever believe Pete's dragon.

I absolutely adored Pete's dragon, it's one of the most charming,
heartwarming, underrated movie I've ever seen. I loved the character
Elliot is the one of my all-time favorite cartoon-animal.He's very well
animated from Don Bulth; his best character animation work he's done,
and wonderful created by Ken Anderson. Charlie Callas voice for Elliot
is the standout of the whole movie. Other note-worthy are Sean
Marshall, Mickey Rooney; he's quite funny,Helen Reddy;she is wonderful
and sings "Candle on the water" so beautifully, and Jim Dale; was great

The Songs are some of the most whimsical and delightful songs I've ever
heard. The lyrics are so cleverly written and very witty with such a
tuneful and catchy score.My favorites are "Candle on the
Water","Brazzle Dazzle Day","There Room for Everyone","The Happiest
Home in these Hills","It's Not Easy","Every Little Piece","Boo Bop
BopBop Bop (I Love you, too ,and "Bill of Sale". The Standouts are a
tie between "Brazzle Dazzle Day" and "Candle on the Water".

So overall Pete's Dragon is and endearing Disney classic and one of the
most sweetest movie I've ever seen. The Songs are very catchy and
witty, some of the best I've ever heard. It's a Wonderful treat for the
entire family; funny, heartwarming, and charming.One of the best Disney
films I've ever seen!

Movie Grade: A+

Review by: Doug Nau


This is not Disney's first film to feature a mixture of live action and
animation, but it was one of the few that I have seen. I enjoyed this
movie a bit as a child, but mainly because I liked things like dragons
and Godzilla movies. Granted this one features a rather friendly
dragon, it still was fun for me to watch as a child. The songs though
are a bit silly and not very good, the plot goes here and there a bit
to much and it has one of those sad endings like a lot of Disney movies
from this era seemed to have (though nothing compares to the ending of
"Old Yeller"). The story has a boy who is befriended by a dragon and at
the start of the film he is trying to escape his strange family. He is
an orphan and I think he is basically a foster child as they have a
bill of sale on him so it is almost a case of him being a slave. Well
he ends up in a town where he is taken in by a local who happens to
live in a lighthouse. Her husband I believe is out to sea at the moment
and this sets up a plot point that occurs during the end of the film.
Pete gets in all sorts of trouble thanks to his dragon at times, but
the dragon also gets Pete out of trouble at times as well and really
comes through in the end. There is also a plot point involving a sort
of medicine man who actually sees the dragon at one point and wants to
chop him up and use him in potions. The dragon is invisible for a lot
of the film and this is why Pete gets in so much trouble because of
him. It has its moments, but it is kind of lame and sappy at the same

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