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  • Post Grad
    • Post Grad
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:11:12
    • Director: Vicky Jenson
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a flighty, dumb, insubstantial film, and in ordinary
circumstances I'd either never bother to review it or recommend it only
to fans of Alexis Bleidel. But I think this is a unique period — the
last couple years — historically, in terms of the economy and the
tremendous hit that young people entering the job market have endured.
Had this film even been MEDIOCRE, it might have really had resonance
with this group (or their suffering, bill-paying parents) but it's just
one insult to the intelligence after another.

Written and conceived by Kelly Fremon, a first time scriptwriter who
was working as a temp at Fox Studios, it is somewhat based on her own
difficulty "trying to launch" after college. But "Post Grad' comes
across as if it were written by a Martian, totally unaccustomed to how
earthlings really live their lives and based entirely on what the
Martian viewed in snippets of old TV sitcoms.

The films starts out with a couple bright moments as Bleidel's
character "Ryden Malby" talks to us from her facebook page about her
dreams and aspirations.

Ryden, who dresses all through the film in prissy matronly outfits
better suited to a middle- aged woman — and one circa 1985, down to
her silk bow blouse — goes to ONE interview…at what she claims is
"the only publishing company in Los Angeles" At no time, does Ryden
ever think of talk about another publishing company…a film
company….a PR firm…going out of town for a job to San Francisco or
hey! New York City (publishing capital of the WORLD). NO –it's this
one firm or NOTHING.

Then she goes to work for her dad at his luggage store in the mall,
where bizarrely he forces her to wear a strange "monkey suit" (that
fits like sprayed enamel on Bleidel's tiny figure) and use bizarrely
aggressive sales techniques (for luggage?). She quits after about 30
minutes on the job. Later, Ryden gets a job with the across-the-street
neighbor — a ridiculously handsome South American photographer (yeah,
right — in the 'burbs) who (after her dad runs over his CAT) seduces
her on a blow-up plastic sofa (seriously) until her parents burst into
his house unannounced. He hires her as his (ahem) personal assistant, a
job that last a few hours before HE quits, walks out and decides to
move back to South America!

Later Ryden gets offered her the job anyhow and what does she do ? SHE
QUITS IN ONE WEEK! And her parents not only approve, but encourage her
to follow her (formerly) platonic male friend (who she has decided
abruptly and for no real reason is the love of her life, having ignored
him for at least the past decade) and so she leaves a wonderful job on
the spur of the moment….to apparently go live with him at law school.
In his dorm room.

I wonder if writer Kelly Fremon ever even went to school or had any
kind of realistic circumstances (like, say, having to work your way
through school, or borrow tons of money to get a degree).

If you are dumb enough to quit a career-making dream job after ONE
WEEK, you deserve a lifetime asking "do you want fries with these?" I
don't know any set of parents ON THE PLANET who would encourage you to
quit after ONE WEEK. Weren't Ryden and Adam (Zach Gilford) away at
different colleges just WEEKS EARLIER? Has nobody heard of VISITING?
Waiting till one or the other graduates?

I might add, the time frame is ridiculous: presumably Ryden graduates
in mid-June or so and Adam is off to law school in late August. That
mean the entire story unfolds in roughly two months. TWO LOUSY MONTHS
and this girl has given up on a job!

Did they ever even read an article about soapbox derbies? (Hint: you
cannot put a COFFIN on skis, and compete against actual soapbox
racers.) Can they do math? — parents who marry in 1976 are unlikely to
have their oldest child graduating in 2009! (It's THIRTY THREE YEARS

Overall, I wonder if this is even the script that Fremon wrote — or if
the producers and directors knew it was trash, so they thought they'd
liven it up with a lot of physical humor (cats run over, crashed cars,
soap box races, crazy grandma jokes). It doesn't work, though – - the
REAL humor would be in the character's despair and increasing
desperation to find work. As a result though, the plot meanders
strangely of course, seemingly more interested in Michael Keatons' "Dad
Malby" and Zach Gilford's "Adam", filling the screen with odd detours
(Keaton's brush with jail time for selling stolen belt buckles,
Gilford's strange dad — a wasted J.K.Simmons in a single scene –
screwing a checkout clerk at his grocery store — things that just make
you think "say what?")

Ditto for the grand dame of all physical comedy, the great Carol
Burnett — what is she doing in this dreck? it's as if her wandered in
from another film entirely — or the brilliant Jane Lynch, absolutely
utterly criminally wasted here a bland generic mom character.

In short, this is one of the worst written, worst produced, lamest and
unfunniest films I have seen in years. AVOID AVOID AVOID — not even at
the $1 Red Box, not even as free streaming video. NO.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The fact that this film with the message of giving up everything for a
guy came out in 2009 is crazy. It was disappointing to see Alexis
Bledel in this movie.

The amount of "lonely single woman" fear mongering done in the
entertainment industry is ridiculous. The main character is in her
early twenties on the hunt for her first post-college job. So far so
good. Then things don't go as she planned, again okay. Then she gets
the job, again okay. But then she gives up everything and moves across
the county with no plan other than to be with a guy. What? Why? What
year is this? The only worthwhile aspects of the film that are okay are
Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett.


So does Alexis Bledel plan to build a movie career out of tracing the
hypothetical life trajectory of the character she created on "Gilmore

This is the second movie I've seen this year in which Bledel basically
plays Rory Gilmore at the stage of her life she would generally be in
if "Gilmore Girls" was still on the air. In this movie, she's a perky
go-getter who's aghast when she finds out that the world will not
necessarily adapt itself to her designs and whims, until…guess
what….it does and she gets everything she wanted anyway.

This movie is harmless enough, but the only thing that makes it more
worth your time than something from the straight-to-DVD bargain bin in
the supermarket (or maybe this WAS one of those films) is a crazy and
admittedly pretty funny performance from Michael Keaton as Bledel's
doofus father.

Grade: B-

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