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  • Pure Country
    • Pure Country
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:12
    • Director: Christopher Cain
    • Genres: Drama, Music, Romance
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Did I like this movie?

Let's see…some country dude quits singing in the middle of his set
and no one notices. He doesn't like that so he goes for a walk, then
decides to hitch a ride with a truck driver and splits (oh yeah, they
switched boots too…how lucky is that? they both wore the same size).

The next night being without their star, they pull some stage hand and
he does the entire show and no one even notices. I have never been to a
country show but I have been to many many rock concerts and believe me,
if the band quits playing or hires someone else to pretend to be them,
we would notice lol.

Back to our country star…he stops and visits his granny and hitches
into town (a very small town) where even tho he grew up there, no one
knows him except the bartender (and what does that say about country

Now the film dives into complete idiocy.

Day 1: Bad concert gone wrong. Day 2: Bad drunk gone wrong. Day 3:
Dusty learns to rope a cow. Day 4: Bad date gone wrong. Day 5: Two
people deeply in love (what??) split apart and both head to Vegas. Day
6: They meet up in Vegas, apology gone wrong, barrel race gone right.
Day 7: She finds out he is a rich successful country star and it's all
right now in their world.

The End

Did I like it?

Movie gone deeply wrong.


at first i thought this would be a boring movie with Country star
George Strait playing George Strait.but it's not.there's actually a
good story in here,with some decent drama.and of course the requisite
romance.it is a bit predictable at times.you just know how it's going
to end,but it works.the acting is quite good.George Strait actually
acquits himself pretty well in that area.there's nothing really
offensive here,other than some very mild language,so the family can sit
down and watch it.it's not an award winning movie by any means,but it's
pleasant enough viewing on a night when you have nothing else to do.i
actually got caught up in it.for me,Pure Country is an 8/10

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