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  • Quo Vadis
    • Quo Vadis
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:26:26
    • Director: Mervyn LeRoy
    • Genres: Drama, History, Romance
    • Studio:


1951's epic "Quo Vadis" makes a mix that survived through many years to
come: take a historical and important event, include real personalities
and introduces in a likable way fictional characters whose purpose is
to make people and audiences relate with. I don't know exactly if this
was the first film to do such thing but after "Quo Vadis" many films
followed this tread: "From Here to Eternity", "Pearl Harbor", "Titanic"
and the list goes on and on. These are epic films, with some historical
facts balanced with a love story.

Robert Taylor plays Marcus Vincius (don't get confused, hie's the
fictitious son of the historical Marcus Vinicius), a general who
returns to Rome after a battle and disagreeing on the way Nero (Peter
Ustinov) the great Emperor of Rome was conducting the army. Then he met
Ligia (Deborah Kerr) the beautiful daughter of the deceased king of the
Ligians who is kind of a hostage living in the city, and Marcus falls
in love for her but he doesn't know that she's Catholic which causes
clashes between them.

While the love story tries to resist conventions Nero gets bored, he
needs the love of the people, desperately for making a powerful and
important act, something for which he'll be remembered besides killing
his mother and his wife. And the decision made by him is set Rome on
fire and built a new city, bigger and better. The opposition appears on
the form of Nero's best friend and Vinicius's uncle, Petronius (Leo
Genn), a liberal and respected man who uses of his wisdom and his
popularity in Rome to dissuade Nero of such hateful acts. But we
already know that Nero went ahead anyway, set fire on Rome singing his
verses, blamed the Christians for the act, killing them on the arena by
throwing them to the lions, and another horrible acts.

When the movie is all about the historical subject goes perfectly well
(even if it's not totally accurate the movie is still great to see) and
I salute Ustinov and Genn's performances, who carried the movie very
well. Ustinov's brilliance appears by making a repulsive historical
character likable in many parts of the film. He's a cruel villain but
he shows us a level of humor that is beyond belief, even while burning
the city down, and I think that many humored portrayals of villains
were derivated of his great performance. The performances and the whole
mise-en-scène made a wonderful epic film and more than that a story to
be told and seen.

I enjoyed the story because of its drama, its way to tell something
about the power of faith (a little bit propagandistic when it comes to
present Christianism) and the power of love (between Marcus and Ligia),
friendship (that fells apart between Nero and Petronius, but Nero
didn't predict that) and to give value to those things. Also the
adventure was great to see (the fight between the giant and the bull).
If a lesson can be taken with "Quo Vadis" is that everything that
Petronius said became truth, not only for that era, not only for the
power of Christianism but to many others, and leaders and dictators
still haven't learned that lesson: trying to destroy a people, their
culture and their religion will only make them stronger, and the evil
one who does that is defeated, known as the most evil leader to exist.
That was a lesson that Nero learned, Hitler learned and many others
learned or will learn.

While I praised the movie while it was true on the other hand the
fictional romance slowed down the movie and it was something I didn't
care much (except for the final moments between the couple after the
Catholics arrest). Taylor and Kerr are enjoyable together but it's not
what you can call of a wonderful acting, there are good moments between
them and some weak moments too.

Nominated for 8 Oscars and winner of none, "Quo Vadis" is a good epic
film directed by Mervyn LeRoy ("Mr. Roberts" and "Little Caesar"), one
of the most important films ever made in the 1950's and a must see for
those who enjoy great and historical epics. 8/10


General Marcus Vinicius (Robert Taylor) returns to Rome after battle
and falls in love with Lygia (Deborah Kerr), an adopted daughter of a
fellow general, but effectively a hostage and considered a no no. When
she is presented to him as a gift, things are further compounded by the
fact that she is in secret a Christian. Enter Emperor Nero (Peter
Ustinov) who orders that all Christians must be thrown to the lions,
leaving Marcus with no option but to deny his Pretorian ways and to try
and save Lygia and her family. Rome, will never be the same again.

A big, bold and lavish historical epic out of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
that's directed by Mervyn LeRoy, shot in glorious Technicolor by Robert
Surtees & William V. Skall and is scored by Miklós Rózsa. Joining the
big hitters in the cast are Leo Genn, Finlay Currie, Felix Aylmer &
Abraham Sofaer. While the adaptation of Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel is
written by S. N. Behrman, Sonya Levien & John Lee Mahin. There's no
denying that Quo Vadis, meaning "where are you going" and appertaining
to the encounter between St Peter and Jesus Christ on the Appian Way,
is a technical spectacle. It's also tough going for its over talky
melodramatics during the first 90 minutes, but you just have to stay
with it, once you are in, you are in for the long haul. A whole
afternoon in my case!

For its time, this was the bigger than than biggest, a studios dream,
the cast of thousands, the sets, the costumes and the gazillion
speaking parts that make up the story. It's also a point where the
historical epic became more than just entertainment and a reason to
make money. No doubt about it, Quo Vadis is very pro Christian, it has
something to say, even if ultimately it takes a long time to say it and
is historically dubious. There's thought and intelligence within, with
that, it pays to pay attention and sample the dialogue whilst feasting
your eyes on the magnificence that surrounds the characters. Once the
worthwhile action kicks in, it's no let down, the fights in the
Coliseum, the burning of Rome (we can thank the great Anthony Mann for
that one) and the dramatic climax, all make the time spent leading up
to them more than worth it. The cast are mostly agreeable, Kerr is
gorgeous as ever and Taylor is, ahem, straight as ever, while Ustinov
goes full tilt campy loony. Genn steals the movie as Petronius while
Patricia Laffan as Poppaea Sabina gives one of the most sensually minx
like portrayals given in an historical epic.

Some may find the religiose aspects over bearing, but the spectacle
does win out. Looking as gorgeous as ever now after being remastered,
Quo Vadis is a must see for like minded historical epic fans. It's some
way down the pecking order of the genre greats, but still a must see
movie regardless. 7/10

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