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  • Rambo
    • Rambo
    • Runtime:92 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:03:21
    • Director: Sylvester Stallone
    • Genres: Action, Thriller
    • Studio:


5 pages. That is what I estimate all the collective dialog in this
movie would take up if someone were to write it all down. The lack of
lines and plot or really anything other than mindless action was
alarming and the little bit of dialog that there was, consisted of
cheesy, mantras about what life is and what it means to save a life,
etc.. just really eye roll worthy garbage. The movie was trying to be
all thoughtful and deep and it was laughable.

The actual movie is filled with lots of action and gore. I couldn't
care less that there was a lot of blood and graphic scenes – that is
certainly not the reason for my low rating. The movie was just pure
crap. Plain and Simple. The big action sequence at the end that the
whole movie lead up to was hysterically bad. Rambo taking out a million
guys – lots of blood, blah blah blah been there, done that. Stupid.

Granted I am not the target audience for Rambo. Mindless action films
are not for me but I happened to be with someone who wanted to see the
movie so I tagged along. Big mistake. At one point Rambo randomly pops
up behind a bad guy to surprise him and kick his butt and I burst out
laughing and couldn't stop.

Please tell me this was a parody of a Rambo movie and not an actual
installment into the franchise. Lastly, Stallone is too old to play
Rambo – he looked washed up and ridiculous.

1/10 Don't watch unless you like movies with little to no plot or
dialog and enjoy cheesy action where the supastar is a senior citizen.
The high ratings and praise for this movie is baffling. It was an utter


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) makes his entrance slowly from out of the
shadows and from behind chicken wire as a group of American
peace-workers ask the now-embittered soldier ("F- the world") to help
liberate a village of oppressed natives.

Initially, Rambo's advice to relief nurse Julie Benz is to "go home"
because he feels her efforts to revitalize a distressed population
would not change anything (whatever happened to the old Rambo with his
'red-white-and-blue' ideologies? He may have had the brains of a matza
ball, but at least he cared about something).

Subsequently, Rambo has no trouble regaining his old form as a
'fighting machine' while he commences to maiming, killing, and
decapitating over a hundred mercenaries. Following his afternoon of
wanton violence, Rambo wears a stupid grin on his face when he returns
to his father's Arizona ranch to live the quiet life while his mind is
still swimming in the carnage of death and destruction he caused

The dumbest Rambo film yet, and Stallone looks absolutely horrible the
whole time.


I have watched this movie many times and had a chance to evaluate every
part of it…the story, acting, directing, cinematography, soundtrack.
And I have concluded that this movie is quite possibly the best movie
of Mr. Stallones career, and without a doubt one of the best and most
intense action movies of all times. It just gets better and better
every time you watch it. This movie will grow into legend and live on
long after its release, much like Predator.

The return of Rambo, 20 years after the unfairly ridiculed third
installment (a highly underrated action movie), seemed impossible.
Sylvester Stallone was already way past 60. The Rambo franchise was by
many considered totally political incorrect, out of date and cheesy. I
guess even the fans must have been worried if Sly could really pull it
off. But not only did he pull it off, Sylvester Stallone created a
legendary action movie that has reached new levels of intensity and
grittiness. Something never seen before. It even comes with a political
and philosophical message, focusing on the situation in Burma and
dealing with pacifism. Sly co-wrote it, starred in it and directed it.
This is his baby. But he did get a lot of good help from all the people
involved. They have all done a superb job…Brian Tylers beautiful and
haunting movie score is very important to the atmosphere of the movie,
all the actors are perfectly casted and play their roles well…my
favourites being the team of mercenaries. The filming, editing,
locations…I can't see how this movie could have been much better. And
the final battle scene is beyond intense. It's crazy.

Most of the criticism against the movie seems to focus on the violence.
Yes, this movie is terribly violent and gory. The necessity of such a
level of violence should be open for discussion. Is it speculative or
necessary to give a realistic depiction of the themes involved ?
Personally I imagine this movie might be a fairly accurate portrayal of
genocide, massacre and the horrors of war. Most of it didn't seem out
of place to me. But I can understand that many have reacted to it. But
it can't take away from the fact that this movie is a brilliant piece
of filmmaking and possibly the most intense and gritty action movie of
all times. If you are an action fan, you have probably watched it many
times already. If you haven't, what are you waiting for ? Full respect
to Mr. Sylvester Stallone for a remarkable achievement.

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