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  • Ravenous
    • Ravenous
    • Runtime:86 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:22
    • Director: Carlos Brooks
    • Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:


Love this concept although the set-up is contrived. The hurricane and
the boarding up of windows and the safari park is just too messy. Come
on. That said… once the core idea goes into action the movie really
gets fun. From that point it's pretty much non-stop tension until the

Only thing I would have done different is that I would have had the
tiger eat someone early in the movie to establish that it is super
dangerous. Like in jaws when the naked swimmer gets eaten by the shark
in the first scene.

The lead actress was cute. I wish there was another girl in the house
with her instead of her handicapped brother. I don't understand what
using an autistic kid adds to this story. This would have been a better
movie with a bigger body count.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The title sucks. I get it but I think the
title hurts the movie. This movie needs a title that matches what's
going happening in the movie. I have the perfect title. CATCH A TIGER


It is a pretty predictable but still enjoyable little movie we have
here. This comes down to the actors themselves and a decent script,
from which the director did get a few nice scenes out from. Those
scenes are really well shot and executed. Nice framing and editing as
well. You can watch it once and it will do it's job, even if you start
thinking about the things that just seem to happen conveniently.

There are logical errors and you might argue that the moral is a bit
too much, but then again this could also be called nit-picking. Can you
oversee those obvious flaws and enjoy it as little movie that could? If
so rent it and watch it


Burning Bright is a horrific gem. One of those films where you ask
yourself, "why wasn't this released in theaters?" That is exactly what
I was wondering while watching. I felt my heart beating throughout the
50 minute action sequence. The premise will immediately catch your
attention, a young women and her autistic brother are trapped in a
house with a hungry tiger during a hurricane. The house is barricaded.

~How did the tiger get into the house? Will they survive?~

It's surprising the amount of things occurring throughout and it's a
nice change from almost every one-dimensional horror films nowadays. It
is also extremely believable; this can happen to anyone of us. If you
thought Freddy Kruger was scary, try taking on this tiger. It's
unfortunate that it was never credited because the tiger is the star of
the film. Briana Evigan also gives a terrific performance as the hot
women in trouble and fits this film perfectly.

There are no real flaws in Burning Bright. It is quiet perfect of how
to make a suspenseful thriller. It's a thriller that actually thrills.
It goes the extra mile making sure your heart is pounding out of you
chest at every moment. A couple of scenes are simply unforgettable.

Burning Bright is a bright light for every inspiring filmmaker out
there. It doesn't matter if your film gets the attention it deserves,
someone will notice and appreciate the work that was done. The
filmmakers know how to make a great film. They didn't just think of the
good plot, they also spent time perfecting it and it's noticeable.

Burning Bright was never released in theaters, and frankly it should
have been. It's one of the most thrilling films I have seen in years.
The suspense will eat you alive.

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