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  • Rigged
    • Rigged
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:16:03
    • Director: Jonathan Dillon
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
    • Studio:


I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Fight Night or "Rigged" as I was
going through the movie channels reading different summaries of all the
movies coming on that night. I'm interested in drama and crime movies
and this was perfect. A great story of two lost souls that find each
other and team together and as the movie goes on, you find the true in
depth characters they both are. Chad Ortis plays the role of an
underground hustler who tries to run illegal sporting events where he
always tries to fix the outcome. Rebecca Neuenswander is one of plays
one of the best roles I have seen played in a few years. She is an
incredible fighter who goes around and easily defeats all of her
opponents in this underground fight circuit. Ortis is obviously pleased
with the outcome due to her being a huge underdog in every fight. One
great aspect of the movie is the mood Director Jonathan Dillon adds. It
is quite a dark mood with great "Friday Night Lights" type music
playing throughout the movie which contributes to the viewers emotional
attachment to the the movie especially, but also the Ortis and
Neunswander. Another great aspect of this movie was it seems as the
movies comes to close to a close that it is a predictable ending. That
is not at all the case in this film. The ending is without a doubt
fabulous. If you are looking for a great movie with an incredible story
of greed, love, and dreams, I highly suggest watching this film.


i liked this movie.i found it fresh and original.i haven't seen many
movies of this genre where a woman is a strong character not mention
the main character.i know there are a few other movie out there similar
but i haven't seen them,so form my perspective this movie isn't a
knockoff at least form that aspect.others would probably degree.the
fighting scenes were decent,not spectacular.but that doesn't matter
here.it's really the acting here,the moments between Katherine(Rebecca
Neuenswander)and Michael Dublin(Chad Ortis).both Neuenswander and Ortis
take two fairly unsympathetic characters and make us like
them.incidentally Ortis bears a strong resemblance to Peter
Sarsgaard.anyway…for me,Rigged is a 7/10

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