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  • Road House
    • Road House
    • Runtime:114 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:22:37
    • Director: Rowdy Herrington
    • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A very good action thriller with a rather routine plot. Fresh from his
sensational hit, "Dirty Dancing," Patrick Swayze turned to this
non-stop action the following year. In "Road Show" Swayze plays a
bouncer or cooler who comes to a Missouri town to clean up a very
raunchy bar where the fist fights occur every minute with much damage.

Along the way, he falls for the female doctor who treats his wounds and
gets involved in the town vs. Ben Gazzara and his boys. Gazzara runs a
nice protection racket for himself, and when you don't pay up, things
really start to happen.

The action scenes, which are very lively, are the best things this
often cliché film has to offer. The ending becomes very violent and you
know what the results will be.

A real red-neck film in red-neck country. The Democrats will not
exactly carry the day here.


Road House is a film about fighting. Patrick Swayze plays a club
bouncer. But he is no ordinary bouncer. He is to bouncing what Frank
Sidebottom was to papier-mâché headed stand-up comedy. He's the best. A
rowdy bar needs someone to control it. Swayze is the man with the plan
and he comes into town and tames the joint via a mixture of even more
fighting and general smugness. His main philosophy is to 'be nice' to
rowdy patrons. In practice I only really noticed him punching a lot of
people in the face but I guess everything is relative.

The road house in question is a spectacularly violent place where
physical assaults happen on a seemingly minute-by-minute basis. The
entertainment is provided by a blues band consisting of a blind man
playing a guitar on his lap and two men with tight-perms in the rhythm
section. Unfortunately there is some chicken wire between them and the
flying bottles. I think all-in-all if you ended up going to this place
on a night out it would be only fair to surmise that your night must
have peaked already.

Needless to say a film such as this would not function without some
villains. We have a local crime boss – who is even smugger than Swayze
– and his gang of boneheads. This bordeline autistic group of henchmen
range from a hideously overweight cretin to an evil martial arts expert
with a prison-gay attitude. Some people might find this character
mildly homophobic but to be perfectly honest Road House is, if
anything, loaded with homo-erotic moments alongside its copious female
nudity – Swayze seems to be half-naked almost the whole time. Maybe you
could charitably say it's a film with something for everyone.

Road House is one of the movies that defines the term eighties cheese.
It's clichéd, violent and ridiculous. It's worth watching.


Director Rowdy Herrington, whose work includes action thrillers, and
sports, did a good job in this one. For me this film is one of the most
enjoyable movies to view over and over again. Patrick Swayze as Dalton
the cooler is both very attractive, and touching in this story. In fact
he is almost delectable, even more so than in "Dirty Dancing". Joining
him are Kelly Lynch as a very sexy doctor, Sam Elliott as Dalton's
teacher-mentor gives a surprisingly impressive performance as Wade
Garrett, and Ben Gazzara is quite convincing as Brad Wesley. And to top
it all Canadian musician Jeff Healey appears and provides his good
music, a historical appearance of this young man who is no longer among
the living.

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