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  • RoboCop 2
    • RoboCop 2
    • Runtime:82 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:11:05
    • Director: Irvin Kershner
    • Genres: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:


First off, I'm surprised someone deemed this as "too violent", and that
being the reason this movie got "trashed". Right ! Sure ! if there was
any violence in this movie that was anything close to the original,
that might of saved this piece of garbage movie.

Robocop is raped in this movie, pretty much. The whole original, seized
and contorted into something ugly and unrecognizable. Plot holes from
hell, re-arranging of characters from the first movie (did Mr. Kershner
pay attention at all when he watched the original Robocop?)

There are some comedy scenes that save this movie from being a complete
waste, but all in all, this movie is worth one watch, and definitely
not a purchase. Unless you see it for 25 cents on the VHS rack at Half
Price Books, and you are a completist. The blood and guts — an
important key in the formula of ROBOCOP— is greatly watered down,
literally. Bullets that hit bad guys look like a weak splash of fruit
punch, rather than the gnarly, chunks of flesh and blood like the
original is worshipped for.

They had some great concepts with this movie, but thrown it with bad
directing calls, weak violence, sub plots that don't ever finish or
materialize to anything, and a laughable and anti-climatic ending, this
movie didn't quite make the A or even B team for that matter.

I recommend watching, if you don't believe me. This movie sucks. At
least Lewis is a lot more attractive in this movie, and even she is
thrown off to the side pretty much the whole time.


Whoever thought that Irvin Kershner (nice bloke/mediocre director)
would be the right person to take over the reins of the Robocop
franchise from Paul Verhoeven (enfant terrible/movie maverick) should
be made to explain themselves to a malfunctioning ED-209 ("You have 20
seconds to justify your decision… 15 seconds… 10 seconds…. BLAM!
BLAM! BLAM!"): although Kershner proved himself capable of putting
together a slick, family-friendly sci-fi sequel with The Empire Strikes
Back, he's clearly way out of his depth when dealing with the kind of
gritty, über-violent, and wickedly satirical content that is second
nature for Hollywood bad-boy Verhoeven.

As one might expect, there are lots of explosions, gunfire, bloody
bullet hits, and special effects on show, but Kirshner plays it all way
too safe, displaying none of the excess or imagination that made the
first film such an incredible experience. When you factor in a
surprisingly poor script from comic geek favourite Frank Miller, an
uninspired performance from star Peter Weller that feels more like
contractual obligation rather than a genuine yearning to reprise the
role, a forgettable main bad guy in the form of Tom Noonan (with a
bloody kid as his sidekick!), and some weak attempts at mimicking the
original's wry humour, what you have is a sequel that just about
satisfies on the most basic of levels (it's got guns and robots and
Nancy Allen), but can only be seen as a disappointment when compared to
its predecessor.

5.5 out of 10, rounded up to 6 for IMDb.


Wonder of wonders. Why do they keep doing this? Can't they stick to one
qualified director? The loss of Paul Verhoeven is felt throughout this
film. It seems we are watching another version of the film by a man who
drinks a liter of gasoline before each shoot.

This film is like cheap candy offered to kids to do their overdue

I think Peter Weller hated to do this project but was forced to do it
because of the cash involved. Hope you got the cash Peter.

Plot: Throughout the city, a new designer drug named "Nuke" has been
plaguing the streets. The primary distributor a man known as Cain,
played by the excellent Tom Noonan, who also starred in Manhunter, a
1986 film directed by Michael Mann, in which he portrayed the serial
killer, Francis Dolarhyde. Cain is assisted by his girlfriend Angie,
his still-juvenile apprentice Hob, and Officer Duffy, a corrupt police

Having learned of Cain's involvement with Nuke from Duffy, RoboCop
confronts him and his gang at an abandoned construction site. However,
they render RoboCop immobile and cut him to pieces, though he remains
alive. The pieces are then left in front of the Detroit Police Station.
OCP, reluctant to foot his massive repair costs, ignores his fellow
police officers insistence that he be repaired. RoboCop is saved when
Dr. Juliette Faxx, an OCP psychologist, takes charge of the new RoboCop
team. She argues for his importance as a figure of the community, and
creates a list of over 300 new directives to be added to his program.

Murphy is ultimately powerless to refuse the new commands, and is
rendered unable to take aggressive action against criminals, even to
defend himself. After the original RoboCop team realizes that RoboCop
would need a massive electrical charge to reboot his system, Murphy
take it upon himself to grab hold of a dangerous power-line circuit box
to erase all of his directives.

He then confronts Cain, who is later put on life support. However Faxx,
having decided that Cain is perfect for the RoboCop 2 project, arrives
at the hospital and switches off his life support. Later, while
displaying the new RoboCop 2 (Cain) to the head of OCP, Faxx
demonstrates how he may be pacified through a canister of pure Nuke.

In the battle that ensues, only one cyborg will be triumphant, Cain or

In his review, Roger Ebert wrote "Cain's sidekicks include a violent,
foul-mouthed young boy (Gabriel Damon), who looks to be about 12 years
old but kills people without remorse, swears like Eddie Murphy, and
eventually takes over the drug business… The movie's screenplay is a
confusion of half-baked and unfinished ideas… the use of that killer
child is beneath contempt…" Many were also critical of the child
villain Hob; David Nusair of Reel Film Reviews stated, "That the film
asks us to swallow a moment late in the story that features Robo taking
pity on an injured Hob is heavy-handed and ridiculous (we should
probably be thankful the screenwriters didn't have RoboCop say
something like, 'Look at what these vile drugs have done to this
innocent boy')." Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote, "Unlike
RoboCop, a clever and original science-fiction film with a genuinely
tragic vision of its central character, Robocop 2 doesn't bother to do
anything new. It freely borrows the situation, characters and moral
questions posed by the first film." She further adds, "The difference
between Robocop and its sequel, [...] is the difference between an idea
and an afterthought." She also expressed her opinion about the Hob
character, "The aimlessness of Robocop 2 runs so deep that after
exploiting the inherent shock value of such an innocent-looking killer,
the film tries to capitalize on his youth by also giving him a tearful
deathbed scene." The LA Times thought poorly of the film too.

RoboCop 2 currently has 35% positive reviews on the film review
aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, with 20 of 31 counted reviews giving
it a "rotten" rating and an average score of 4.5 out of 10.

Verdict: by all means see this film if you are a die-hard Peter Weller/
Tom Noonan/Nancy Allen fan. Otherwise go for a walk in the woods and
talk to the birdies.

Another review from yours truly: vivekmaru45@yahoo.com.


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