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  • Role Models
    • Role Models
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:58:59
    • Director: David Wain
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:


The funniest thing about 'Role Models' is that it parodies those
adult-bonding-with-children flicks. It doesn't mock the message of
those films but the events and formulas that are used to tell the
story. This is by no means something for children to watch due to the
explicit swearing, nudity and sexual content. Adults can easily watch
it. The story is contrived but there's plenty to laugh about. The place
slows down after about the first 20 minutes but it soon picks up once
the adult and child bond. Of course, next to some hilarious lines and
situations, what gives a comedy a boost is actors who have a flair for
comedy. Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott form an amusing buddy pair.
They do a great job in providing some LOL moments. Elizabeth Banks has
a small role but she makes full use of it and Jane Lynch is first rate.
The younger actors are very good too. 'Role Models' may not be a
classic but it's got enough humour and energy to lighten up one's mood.
Not a bad suggestion for someone who's had a tiring day behind.


Role Models not only functions as a more than competent adult-oriented
comedy, it also fulfills its roll as a "feel-good" movie without
feeling stale or cliché. It's a rare work of comedy that actually has
an aura of humor throughout its run-time, a feat that's not even
accomplished in the funniest of comedies.

The humor that concerns bodily functions and sex never gets too feel
like it's done for shock value; instead, it's used competently enough
to make each joke feel fresh and relatively mature – considering…

All of this would almost mean nothing if the story wasn't strong, it
thankfully is however. Its plot had the potential to feel more like a
forced component that is just there to give the jokes a reason to exist
in the first place. This isn't the case, as the story is handled in a
clever and well-paced manner. It commonly shifts to sub-plots and the
like to keep it from feeling stale, this is done exceedingly well to a
point where it's almost unnoticeable while viewing.

But the best part of the whole movie is the well-flushed-out
characters. Each one has a cliché exterior but goes into a more deep
and accurate portrayal of the people they seem to be mocking. An
example of this is Danny, the sarcastic and bitter character, and his
hatred of clichés like "Been there, done that," "ASAP," "You had me at
hello," and so on. Each character feels like someone we know in real
life and is able to exaggerate their characteristics without getting to
a point of an unrealistic stance, and still getting to point of being
outlandish. They all go through transformations at a perfect speed and
they each have different motivations for doing so. The psychology that
went into creating them is something that isn't as well done in some
dramas, it's impressive to say the least.

I definitely recommend Role Models to anybody who isn't easily
offended, or too distant from real-life to actually get some of the
jokes. It's a more than hilarious film that deserves much more credit
than what it has been given. It's a refreshing break in a genre that is
littered with movies such as Van Wilder, Love Guru, Disaster Movie, and
such. A solid 84 out of 100.

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