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  • Saajan
    • Saajan
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2016-07-28 08:26:41
    • Director: Lawrence D'Souza
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
    • Studio:


If you want to see the best triangular love story of all time in Hindi
cinema then please do watch Saajan.This is a must watch movie for every
person who enjoys watching meaningful romantic movies .I have watched
countless triangular love stories like Raj Kapoor's Sangam,Subhash
Ghai's Taal,Ramgopal Varma's Rangeela,Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Hum Dil
de chuke Sanam and so on but Saajan is easily the best among all these
romantic films.Saajan is meaningful Bollywood romantic cinema at it's
best.The songs are very melodious.The performances by Sanjay
Dutt,Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan are excellent.The story is hundred
per cent original unlike other Bollywood movies of today.The background
music of this movie is simply superb.Madhuri Dixit is looking stunning
here.Saajan is a movie where you will fall in love with each of the
characters played by Salman,Sanjay and Madhuri.You do not have to watch
any other bollywood love story after you see Saajan.You are missing
something as a movie fan if you have not seen Saajan from beginning
till the very end scene.


Lawrence D'Souza made this film and this is his only good film he made
craps like AARZOO later

The film is a simple romantic film about a crippled Sanjay Dutt who
loves Madz but hides it and it's well handled

The film has several good moments and the love story is well handled
The turn of events are all well handled Sanju's outburst in the church
is brilliant Even the revelation of the truth is well handled and the
finale is nice

There are too many songs though yet all suit the proceedings

Lawrence D'Souza handles the film very well Music by Nadeem Shravan is
a winner, all songs are wonderful

Sanjay Dutt excels in the role and shows a different side of his
personality and versatility, from this film people shattered doubts
that he could do only action roles Madhuri is good Salman Khan is also
impressive, one of his earlier films Kader Khan and Reema Lagoo are
good too Laxmikant Berde annoys

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