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  • Salt
    • Salt
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:29:13
    • Director: Phillip Noyce
    • Genres: Action, Thriller
    • Studio:


The stunts and action of this movie were pretty good, although the
fighting was not great. Something about Jolie running that made me
think the direction went something like this "OK, run, good, next shot"
It just had a dead pan delivery. The movie had it's highlights, they
didn't pull punches, but then without character development, perhaps
they didn't need too. Oh, they shot a good guy. That's bad. Now someone
is upset. Unfortunately however, despite a lot of action and a
willingness to shock the audience and be uncompromising, it really
never captured my imagination. It was amazingly boring and entirely
predictable. There was no other way that any of it was going to happen.
The plot really needed something for tension and interest. However, it
was pretty clear who the good guys and bad guys were, so only a matter
of time until they did what they were supposed to do and the audience
could move on. Worth looking for in the bargain bin or watching on TV.


Got this from Redbox after it was recommended to me by brother-in-law.

Quite frankly, it sucked a big one. While I don't expect action
thrillers to have that much in the way of plot evolution, this movie
was to the point of ludicrous. With its multiple twists, do you really
expect a sane individual to even get into the flick? By the time half
of the movie was over, my wife and I were laughing at the defiance of
the law of physics and ridiculous plot convolutions that it made a
Bollywood film look like "Hamlet". And worst still, it takes itself too

Angelina Jolie is quickly becoming the female "Nicholas Cage", acting
in stupid flicks with stupid plots while giving her silly pouts; worse
yet, she has good potential as a good actress, as seen in "Gia" or even
"Changeling". Direction is competent, but I was surprised to see Philip
Noyce ("Patriot Games", "Rabbit Proof Fence") directed, since he has
done better films in the past. When I found out Kurt Wimmer
("Equilibrium", "Ultraviolet") wrote it, I finally figured out why this
was a stupid flick to begin with. The rest of the cast, while
potentially good, went wasted.

Please don't waste your money on this garbage. Hollywood, please stop
wasting money on trash like this.


Salt (2010)

*** (out of 4)

CIA Agent Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is accused of being a spy for
Russia with plans on killing the Russian president to set off a world
war. Salt eventually breaks free and tries to prove her innocence while
at the same time stopping the real bad guys. In my opinion SALT goes
down as one of the dumbest action movies in the history of cinema. The
screenplay has so many plot holes that you could fly a plane the size
of Russia through it. There are action scenes that are so fake and
impossible that you can't help roll your eyes. The idea of Salt being
able to get into the White House and down into the emergency area where
a nuclear attack is about to begin is just crazy. Every single inch of
this movie has cheese all over it but at the same time the thing is
simply entertaining. It's hard to believe that someone would attempt to
do a film like this because of how crazy it is. At times I had to
remind myself that I wasn't watching some sort of spoof as I was
waiting for Jolie to utter "Salt. Evelyn Salt." This movie has so many
crazy scenes yet director Noyce holds all of them together with some
nice style and of course we get a strong performance by Jolie who sells
every bit of craziness. One of the biggest action sequences in the film
has Salt running away from dozens of cops and eventually jumping off a
bridge and onto a moving semi. She then jumps from semi A to semi B
where she eventually jumps on a few more things only to take off once
again. This entire sequence perfectly sums up the film because the
action is nice but at the same time it's so crazy and over the top that
you can't help but wonder if anyone was really expecting you to take it
serious. The entire story is just downright crazy as this attempt to
take over the world and star a war is something that "C" movies from
the 50s would be laughing at. If it sounds like I'm being overly hard
on the film I'm really not meaning to. The craziness here isn't a bad
thing because it's part of the reason SALT is so entertaining. Jolie
has no problem fitting the role with that laid back humor and
toughness. She even gets to do some dramatic acting in the final few
minutes, which I won't ruin. The supporting cast includes nice work by
Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor. If you're unable to turn your
brain off for 100-minutes then I'd recommend you stay away from this
film because it's "plot" will probably be too much for you to overlook.
If you can sit back and enjoy a lot of craziness and action then SALT
is just the film for you.

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