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  • San wa
    • San wa
    • Runtime:117 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:12:23
    • Director: Stanley Tong
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
    • Studio:


Apart from some very inventive fight scenes, Mallika Sherawat might be
the other thing you take away from this movie. The fight scenes are
something you came to expect from a Jackie Chan movie. Mallika Sherawat
on the other hand has not been exposed that much on film yet (not even
on many Bollywood movies according to IMDb at least). Unfortunately the
same can be said of her role in this movie. And her role in this is
actually a filler. Maybe something to attract the Bollywood crowd to
watch a Chan movie?

Whatever the reasons, Jackie Chan delivers on the action and tries
himself on an epic story. An epic story that juggles with the fun and
the action part. Sometimes crossing lines that wouldn't be crossed in a
regular (Hollywood) movie of the same spectacle. A decent effort, and
of course a must see for any Chan fan.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's a high rating because it's Jackie Chan, and the show has its

However,I really, really wished that the "love element" in this movie
could have been expanded on. You know, when I hear the soundtrack
(especially the song which Jackie and Hee-seon sang in together) and
after I watched the movie (TV premiere)…I am really tempted to say,

"…Damn it! They don't fit together!"

I'm a sucker for love stories. And call this whining, grumbling, w/e,
but take out some really needless humour (a horse kicking a person FOUR
times and falling when we know a real horse kick would send a person
flying, broken ribs included), and expand on the love between the
general and the princess, add a few more flashbacks, increase the time
they interact in both past and present; I don't know, make a happier
ending instead! It'll really make the movie much better.

To me, the movie feels a little too packed. It feels…rushed. Trying
to jam love, action and stuff together…it really leaves one found
wanting…for more.

And the ending. A book, some wine, and a zoomed-out camera…damn it I
say, even putting some black-and-white versions of one or more of the
flashbacks at the end, would really increase "replayability value" and
made me feel closer to the movie's love story.

Melodrama much, but I beg of you, Mr. Chan; your shows are good. From
the "Drunken Master" to "Rush Hour", all are uniquely yours, really
love your shows. But I think this time round, you really kind of
smudged your own rep a little.

If you consider making anything remotely resembling a romance or
whatever next time, please be more serious about it. This love story
will still have a place in my heart, though.


What do you expect when you see a movie like this? Something huge with
thousands of extras and perfect computer effects? Check. Archaeology
action like Indiana Jones? Check. Tragical love story with beautiful
lady? Check. Speedy stunts, fights and fun like in the good old Jackie
Chan flicks? Check. Judging by the sum of its parts, this ought to be
the greatest movie of the 21st century. In reality, it's not quite so.
2 tremendously entertaining hours, yes, but not a perfect movie.

What are the reasons? I'd like to name three. First, I always see
Jackie Chan with a helmet, desperately trying to keep a straight face,
when I am supposed to see the general. He just isn't that type of guy.
The dreams or historical flashbacks are therefore less convincing than
the scenes from the present day. Second, the whole anti-gravity stone
thing has much too much Spielberg in it. The myth could have remained a
myth, in other words: the audience doesn't always want a scientific
explanation why things happen, especially if it's as unlikely as this
one. Third, I think what neither worked well in this movie is the
villain. From the moment he appears and does the usual "I'll steal the
big Blah to rule the world" villain routine, the rest becomes
predictable. If the screenplay had dared to move along a different
path, it would have evoked less of the "seen it before" feeling. I
enjoyed it, but regrettably it's not without the little flaws


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, that's the most polite and objective way to express my feeling
about this movie. I think they called it (the Myth) whether because
they found no title fair enough to describe the incompatible elements
they chose concerning history, legends, transmigration of souls, BLA
BLA BLA, or maybe they named it (The Myth) unconsciously as the closest
word to (The Mess) !

It's common at our slang to characterize anything badly mishmash as
(salad) ! So taste this "one" with me. There are a lot of good
sequences (I liked the glue's factory the most). In fact those very
detached sequences were the best thing here at all but as long as they
remained that detached, you'll never get the joy or even the taste of a
whole movie after. You watch a good chase to save the princess, a good
stealing for a flying sword, a tough sword duel, a nice romance (yet in
detached scenes also !), ..to the end of what needed better plot which
would've created solider, more convincing, more gratifying movie. Even
James Bond's movies got plots more connected than this one !

I remember that I had vertigo while watching; for instance at the war
sequence ! Basically why I would bother myself to be worry over
(Jackie) in the time that I know so well that he would be totally fine
in the future ?! So whatever happened in this war (especially the
horses' kicking !) Jackie will survive eventually ! How they were so
determined as well as enthusiastic to make that whole sequence while
knowing that the audience would never tense ??! Originally, look at the
2 parallel dramatic lines of the movie; they didn't attune the sense of
thrill between them both as the story of one was holding up the other
all along !

Moreover : why did they show us India like it's in the middle ages ?!
Why didn't they make it all a time travel in the first place ? How a
history professor is living in that luxury ? How Jackie -who's too
short- could manage to be a general ?, and why I fell asleep while
watching what's supposed to be An Action Adventure movie ??

The answer of all of that : They couldn't mix it nicely.

Yet it wasn't that awful. Because it had (Jackie Chan) anyway, a real
great music score, and (Mallika Sherawat); although it was for some
moments but watching her in that white outfit, or with the elephant..
WAW that specifically was wickedly enjoyable and symbolically creative
to say the least !

Generally…It's the case of having some right vegetables in one
tasteless salad !

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