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  • Saving Sarah Cain
    • Saving Sarah Cain
    • Runtime:103 min
    • Release Date:2016-12-03 06:30:18
    • Director: Michael Landon Jr.
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Saving Sarah Cain


Overall this was a good film, but being friends with some Amish people
and living close by, the inaccuracies bothered me. The plot and
storyline were good and the actors were pretty good, but the directing
could have been a little better. The inaccuracies, mainly the way they
pronounced Lancaster and the fact that they spoke high German instead
of Pennsylvania Dutch, just seemed to ruin the movie to me. It also
bothered me that they didn't use the right accents. If you don't know
any Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch, you will most likely think this is a
pretty good movie. If you know the Amish or some Pennsylvania Dutch you
won't enjoy this movie as much. I did enjoy the fact that they
portrayed them as people not just "outsiders" as they usually view the
"English," but, in my opinion, if you are going to include the Amish in
a film, it should be a little more accurate to their culture.


So goddamn awful you wouldn't believe it. I feel sad for the Amish
people who may have a TV-set to watch this on and I feel bad for the
actors and everyone else participating in this piece of sabby typical
American of – yes I don't know what to say. The movie had it's funny
moments but the story was so predictable that I even was surprised at
the ending! It may sound self contradictory but I couldn't even imagine
that Sarah would be actually "saved" in the end. But what could one
think of such a movie coming from a country where a lot of people
actually believe that The Big Bang happened thousands of years after
the Babylonians figured out how to brew beer. The are so many great
movies made in North America that I haven't quite lost my faith (sic!)
in you but this is NOT one of them.


Do family films have to be devoid of edge and energy? This rather
bloodless, tepid story should have been good. Even with an interesting
concept, the story line has no surprises or revelations, and from time
to time makes no sense. The main character and her boyfriend have zero,
and I mean ZERO chemistry. Elliot Gould has the newspaper editor she
works for is wasted, with some ploddingly delivered lines that might
have been brighter had it not seemed as though everyone's dialog was
delivered very slowly on purpose.

The charming kid actors struggle to bring something believable to the
boring dialog and for the most part do the best job of making the film

The omnipresent and cliché score got on my nerves, never letting the
story tell itself. This is worth watching, though, for the utterly
breathtaking look of the film, especially the Amish farms in winter.
Every frame is painterly and perfectly composed.

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