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  • Scared Shrekless
    • Scared Shrekless
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:12:44
    • Director: Gary Trousdale
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Short
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Scared Shrekless


Surprisingly hilarious Halloween special with the first episode, a
brilliant Bride of Frankenstein parody, particularly outstanding.

After the average Christmas special the writers really upped the ante
and came up with some gruesomely funny ideas and jokes, using the by
now all too well-known Shrek characters remarkably well.

The result's an entertaining half-hour roller-coaster with only the
middle section lagging.

Since the first two installments, Shrek has never been this funny.

7 out of 10 haunted castles


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To be honest I went into this movie a little deflated expecting a
cheap, run of the mill Halloween episode designed only to milk the last
bit of magic from the Shrek franchise. As with Shrek the Halls I was
completely wrong. It was excellent. You can kind of tell that Eddie
Murphy isn't there, but it doesn't matter his replacement does a fine

Scared Shrekless sees our favourite characters head to Lord Farquad's
mansion to see who can stay the night while telling scary stories. We
get a pretty chilling song from the information booth (Tuloc is a
creepy place) that from the very start sets the scene. We then head
right into the action hearing Ginger Bread's, Donkey and Puss and Shrek
give three parodies of horror movies.

The first and the third are definitely creepy; Puss & Donkey's tale is
somewhat lacking and much more comic then those two. However that being
stated all three stories all three stories present a weird demented
dark humour that will have you laughing like you did way back in Shrek

The final scene we're Shrek is left alone with Donkey gives us what
Shrek is really about as Shrek uses his ogre abilities (with a little
help from the wife and kids) to prove who really is the King of
Halloween. With Donkey running and screaming away the final Shrek
chapter ends with Shrek, Fiona and the kids hurling eggs at the 7

This little story is a gem that you can put with your copy of Shrek the
Halls. It will have you laughing out loud as you hear the horror
stories you grew up with. Its something you'll be able to watch and
enjoy every Halloween. I really recommend it, it was a great way to
finish the Shrek franchise, a bit disappointing that Eddie Murphy
wasn't there but a brilliant job overall. Children under 7 won't get
scared, you may wish to wait until your kids are about that age before
you sit down and watch it with them. Otherwise go for your lives.

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