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  • Seraphim Falls
    • Seraphim Falls
    • Runtime:115 min
    • Release Date:2014-10-30 21:38:16
    • Director: David Von Ancken
    • Genres: Drama, Thriller, War, Western
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Seraphim Falls


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seraphim Falls was not a film I knew much about, considering I picked
it up for cheap four years after its release however it gave me an
enjoyable viewing even with its gaps in its story, some small periods
of the film that I almost lost interest in watching but still with its
moments. Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson are explosive on screen
together, both Irish but they pulled off two very authentic Western
accents. What makes the two of them work so well together is the back
story they both share together, the reason for Neeson hunting Brosnan
down intending to kill him for a past grudge.

In comes the relentless pursuit of Neeson for Bronson, we discover
Bronson was a Captain during the American Civil War and Neeson was a
Colonel for the other army. As the film deepens, we discover Bronson
came after remnants of the enemy army after the war ended. Specifically
Neeson's Colonel character, in his search for him it ended with
Neeson's wife and children dying in a blaze. Neeson swore revenge on
Bronson and has been searching for him ever since.

Neeson is ferocious as the determined Colonel seeking revenge for his
family's death, and Bronson as his target seeking redemption for his
past sins. The story sort of makes up for the minor boring segments of
the film, the filming and shooting of the film has been done great with
many Western hallmark environments and scenery. Weapons are authentic
and so is the way of speaking, this is mainly for Western fans who are
looking for a deep story of revenge and hatred in the Wild West.

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