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  • Sex and the City 2
    • Sex and the City 2
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:46:42
    • Director: Michael Patrick King
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Sex and the City 2


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I guess that this is what happens after the prince and Cinderella shut
the castle gates – happily ever after (not). The problem is that
Cinderella (Carrie) is a spoiled little madam, not only did she blame
Big for everything that went wrong during their courtship and then the
disastrous wedding for which she was to blame – they had agreed on a
quiet wedding and she went ballistic with Vogue and a Vivienne Westwood
gown – but then, after two years of living in paradise with a gorgeous
man who adores her and lavishes all he can on her in the way of worldly
goods and attention, she has a tantrum because he is selfish enough to
buy her a state of the art TV for their bedroom so that, after a day's
graft of earning the money to keep her in luxury, he can relax. How
dare he! Switch then to another storyline with Samantha, who hit 50 in
the last film, so technically should be through menopause by now, but
no, is taking every pill and lotion under the sky to ward off symptoms
and acting like an out of control pantomime dame, and Miranda who has a
new boss who doesn't like her, and of course Charlotte, whose children
have a nanny who doesn't wear a bra but who loves to draw attention to
that fact – well of course, all meaningful crises in the normal world,
but we are talking megabucks city here guys. Then by some chance they
are whisked away to the United Arab Emirates, to Abu Dahbi, where the
luxury is excessive even to one who dreams of winning lotto. There,
bare skinned and offensively dressed and behaving badly they proceed to
upset the locals and get kicked out, after Carrie has met up with old
flame Aiden and kissed him and phoned Big to blurt out the truth – why
not wait until you can do this humanely, face to face if you have to
tell him, and if it meant nothing, why torment the poor chap? They
arrive home, having learned that of course all Arab women wear NY
fashions under their black costumes and read trashy NY books. Big's
punishment for Carrie is to give her a massive diamond. Embarrassing to
see Samantha, (my favourite) become a joke; sad to see Miranda, (my
second favourite) and Charlotte so petty, and sad to see that Carrie
(sorry but always watched despite her, not because of her) has not
grown up yet and is still childish, sulky, spoiled and ridiculous. A
real disappointment. Quit while you can girls…


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How the mighty have fallen. It is hard to believe that this film was
written by the same people as the first SATC movie and the TV series.
In the span of 2 years the apple has fallen too far from the tree. This
film has no resemblance to its predecessor nor the series. The
characters have totally lost the plot and their personalities, not to
mention their sense of style, intelligence and self respect.

The movie starts off on a bad note already with a very clichéd,
airy-fairy overly stereotypical gay wedding which in the real series
never would have happened, because these characters totally despised
each other and had absolutely nothing in common. So from the start it
is obvious the writer was out of ideas as to plot and storyline,
killing the film's credibility in the first 10 minutes.

There are also unfunny offensive 'jokes' as well as ghastly wardrobe
choices, and an unnatural Stepford Wife-like robotness to all the

SATC2 oozes desperation from every orifice: The desperate writer
Michael Patrick King who couldn't come up with anything worthy of a
movie; The whole production team and actors desperate to cash in on the
success of the first film. Then the characters: desperate gay 'couple'
who settle for each other with no intention of faithfulness;
age-fearing Samantha desperately trying to stop menopause; desperate
Carrie still in search of the fairy-tale perfect man that real life
will never deliver; Miranda desperately trying to prove herself equal
with men in her career while sacrificing family; and Charlotte
desperately clinging to her perfect WASP designer life, breaking down
when she cannot keep up appearances with two little children.

SATC2 is these shallow characters putting their vanity, ignorance and
stupidity on display and when they land in Morocco (or Abu Dhabi as we
are supposed to believe) the movie becomes an unwatchable cringe-fest.
SATC2 not only showcases the intended ignorance of the characters but
also the unintended blatant ignorance of the writer and all the people
involved. The cultural gaffes are just too many to list. Let's just say
it is the epitome of the 'ugly American tourist': rude, stupid,
ignorant, naive and self-aggrandizing to the core.

I also don't understand why the makers insisted on setting the movie in
Abu Dhabi even though they were not allowed to film there and instead
shot in Morocco. Why hype and deride a city, country, and culture they
have never been to and know nothing about? Why not just set it in
Morocco, a country which itself is beautiful and culturally rich but
cosmopolitan enough for these western women to enjoy on some level? It
just doesn't make sense unless the makers were intentionally trying to
mislead the viewers to think that the UAE though rich is an anti-female
stone-age 'evil-muslim' backwater? (Which of course could not be
further from the truth). If that's the case, then SATC2 is nothing but
an American propaganda film, which makes it even sadder than it already


After the highly overrated TV series, disastrous first movie comes the
downright desperate and advertisement called 'Sex and the City 2'.
Filled with clichés and caricatures with whiny bitches in the key
roles, branded products competing with one another as they flutter for
attention on screen even if it's just for a few seconds, miserable
writing and ignorance towards culture among many many other things,
this movie is plain crap. But I knew that anyway and I watched it with
friends in order to laugh our asses off at the crappiness of this
commercial garbage. 'Sex and the City' was always a sexist show and of
course the films don't deviate from that. As badly as the characters
are written, Samantha has been an exception if one can ignore the first
movie and Kim Cattrall manages to entertain as well as Cynthia Nixon
whose role here is almost nothing. 'Sex and the City 2' mainly focuses
on one of the most annoying characters on TV (and now in movies),
Carrie Burtshaw. Sarah Jessica Parker just whines and wears
so-called-expensive clothes that look quite hideous. She has no sense
of fashion nor can she act. One of the most unintentionally funniest
sequences were that of the 'New Middle East'. In order to go against
stereotype, 'Sex and the City 2' reaches new heights of stupidity.


I love SATC series and still watch reruns.

The first movie was OK I guess. It was not that great but hey Carrie
and Big got married. And it did have some plot.

This one though, is so bad, it left me cringing throughout the movie.
No plot. And oh my god, enough about the HORMONES!!!!

Sarah, Kim, Cynthia and Kristin should be ashamed of themselves for
even contributing to this joke of a film. But I guess they are like the
characters, uber rich and vain women. Not the intelligent SATC women we
used to love.


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