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  • Shrek Forever After
    • Shrek Forever After
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:11:16
    • Director: Mike Mitchell
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Shrek Forever After


As I saw the animation ''Shrek forever after'' I thought that the 3D
had good quality. But the film is't very well done.

At first the idea of this film is that Shrek has a big problem due his
mistake, but the inception of that problem is produced easily and it's
not very interesting for public.

But also the film has positive sides, for example the humor, it was
done in five stars, also I must admit the soundtrack, which was

Culmination of following film was poor, because the situation was't
very interesting.

But I advice everyone to watch this 3D adventure, for just spending
time wisely and do not expect something unreal on screen.

In my opinion the film was OK.


Released nine years after the first installment in the "Shrek" movie
franchise, "Shrek Forever After" is the fourth and final installment.
I've seen all the films in the franchise through the years, starting
with the first one in late 2001, in the home video format. "Shrek 2"
was the only one in the franchise which I saw in the theatre, and that
was a memorable experience. In 2008, I revisited the first two films,
having not seen either of them in several years, and thought they were
still impressive, but then watched "Shrek the Third" for the first
time, the year after its release, and found it to be mediocre, not
unlike many other viewers. There was a good chance the fourth
installment wouldn't be any better than the third, but now that I've
seen it, over two years after I last watched any of the previous
"Shrek" movies, I would say that it is.

Shrek now lives in his swamp with Princess Fiona and their three ogre
children, but he is now experiencing a midlife crisis. He is constantly
getting unwanted attention, with nobody afraid of him anymore, and
feels that he isn't much of an ogre anymore, missing the days when he
could scare people away and have his privacy. The evil Rumpelstiltskin,
whose plans to become king of Far Far Away were ruined when Shrek
rescued Princess Fiona, tricks the ogre into taking his offer for him
to live like an ogre again for one day in exchange for one day of his
past erased. Shrek soon finds himself in an alternate world, where he
is happy to find that he can scare everyone around him again. However,
he then learns that in this world, Rumpelstiltskin is now the
oppressive ruler of the kingdom, and ogres are used for slave labour!
It turns out that the day the con artist erased was the day the ogre
was born, so his whole existence has been reversed, and he will
disappear tomorrow at sunrise! Shrek manages to escape from the castle
with Donkey, and soon learns that the only way to save himself and
return to where he was before he signed the contract is through true
love's kiss, but he will have to do this before the next sunrise, so he
doesn't have much time!

The first part of this movie, showing Princess Fiona's parents almost
signing the kingdom over to Rumpelstiltskin before learning that their
daughter has been rescued, is a memorable beginning, and shows that the
animation in the "Shrek" franchise is still great. It's funny when
Rumpelstiltskin angrily tears out pages of a book while narrating.
There are some good laughs as we see Shrek's current living situation,
though the ogre children's bodily functions may not always be that
funny. The story looks very interesting around this point, and the
entertainment continues as Shrek enters the alternate world, but may go
downhill a little when the witches first appear. However, throughout
the film, the plot is intriguing enough for the most part, a story in
which Shrek realizes he didn't know how good he had it until it was too
late, and the animation is still unsurprisingly amazing.
Rumpelstiltskin, voiced here by Walt Dohrn, isn't the best antagonist,
but he can be funny at times. The ogre's adventure is a fairly exciting
one with some notably touching scenes. I also have to give "Shrek
Forever After" credit for the times when it made me laugh (such as
Shrek telling Donkey not to touch the waffles in the forest, but Donkey
won't listen), even though the movie as a whole could have been much
more consistent with the laughs.

Since I watched this fourth and final installment in the franchise over
two years after watching the third, and my memory of "Shrek the Third"
isn't as clear as it could be, I can't explain everything that makes
this one the stronger effort of the two, but two reasons might be the
absence of the fairy tale princesses who were introduced in the 2007
film, and the fact that no characters in this final chapter are voiced
by Justin Timberlake. There are obviously other reasons as well. While
not all "Shrek" fans consider "Shrek Forever After" to be a very good
way to end the franchise, I'm one of those who thinks it's not the best
installment, but not the worst. In terms of quality, of the four
movies, I would say this one comes in third, with its immediate
predecessor in last place. Also, as a film starring Mike Myers made
after "The Love Guru", it sure is better than that lousy 2008 comedy. I
don't suggest you watch this fourth installment thinking the franchise
ended as strongly as it began, but you could still find that it's
decent family entertainment for fans of the very popular computer
generated ogre.

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