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  • Shut Up and Shoot Me
    • Shut Up and Shoot Me
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:22:04
    • Director: Steen Agro
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Shut Up and Shoot Me


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I rented this because the box said "Czech version of Fargo". I loved
Fargo and liked this one quite a bit.

Colin is an insecure man who depends entirely on his wife to keep his
life moving forward. In the few (two?) scenes he has with her he relies
on her to direct everything and encourage him. They are even in Prague
at her suggestion. I got the impression that he might have just been
released from some kind of therapy. It just seems that anyone who is
that dependent would need some kind of professional help.

His wife dies in a startling way. I sat open mouthed for a full minute
trying to wrap my head around it. It was very well done. Colin then
realizes that his life is completely rudderless. He has no idea how to
proceed and decides to end it all. After a painful attempt at suicide
that fails, he decides that he'll need someone else to off him.

Enter Pavel who is an honest very hard working man with multiple jobs,
one of which is driving hotel guests at Colin's hotel to the morgue
when they need it. (It's not really clear how this was arranged.)

Colin asks Pavel to kill him painlessly, quickly, and so that Colin
won't see it coming.

If you liked the part of Fargo or Crackers where the criminal's plans
keeps going wrong, you are going to like this movie too. (But this is
not like Burt Reynold's The End (1978).) Nothing goes perfectly for
Pavel and Colin. Every situation ends up in some way they didn't
expect, or even consider. As Pavel's life spins out of control, Colin
slowly regains his composure. Although neither gain any real control
over the events that they have started to unfold.

The actors do a great job. Andy Nyman is very convincing as Colin, who
depends on everyone making decisions for him about everything. He
doesn't even enter the morgue office until Pavel directs him to. Andy
also portrays the shock of Colin's situation very well. Colin doesn't
cry over Maggie's death until very late in the film.

Karel Roden is also outstanding. He does a great job of convincing us
that while he wants the "thousands of pounds" that Colin is offering to
kill him, he is very far out of his comfort zone. Pavel is a hard
working man who loves his wife very much and will do anything to keep
her. It's pretty clear that he has never complained about his situation
or her.

The duo cross paths with a gangster and his girlfriend. Those actors
are great also.

My only dings on this movie is that it is a little slow in places,
mostly with Pavel's wife's scenes. But they pass, so with a little
patience this is a very enjoyable movie.

Also, in the first lake scene it's not clear that they are alone on the

The cinematography is excellent, but there's no solid reason to see
this on a huge screen. It mostly takes place in enclosed spaces.


This was director Steen Agro's first major film, and he has reason to
be proud. I look forward to his future efforts. I enjoy a good farce,
and this one was entertaining.

British nebbish Colin visits Prague with his wife. Her sudden and
bizarre accidental death leads Colin to a suicidal depression and he
turns to the only person he knows in Prague – the hotel driver Pavel -
to assist him in killing himself. Bumbling Pavel tries his best to
perform his homicidal duty, but extenuating plot lines begin to unravel
their idiotic plans.

The acting was competent from all parties involved, and the
East-meets-West relationship between Andy Nyman and Karel Roden is
believable and charming. I happen to love Prague and "Tschechia", so
perhaps my conclusion is biased by Agro's terrific framing of this
wonderful wintery place. If that is so, then damn me – but not this
funny and weird film.

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