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  • Shutter
    • Shutter
    • Runtime:85 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:26:56
    • Director: Masayuki Ochiai
    • Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Shutter starts as newlywed couple Ben (Joshua Jackson) & Jane Shaw
(Rachael Taylor) are driving along at night, suddenly Janes notices a
women in the middle of the road & hits her. Both Jane & Ben search the
area but find no-one, shortly after Ben who works as a photographer is
given a job in Japan so both he & Jane pack up & move out there. After
Ben's first photo shoot for an important client all the pictures come
back with strange white, ghost like images on them which renders them
useless. Ben thinks there's a technical problem with the equipment but
Jane becomes convinced the pictures are spirit photo's, photograph's
that capture the image of a ghost. Strange things begin to happen to
Ben & Jane & soon they both believe they are being haunted by the girl
that they ran over in New York but Jane decides to investigate &
discovers a shocking truth about Ben & the girl who has been haunting

Directed by Masayuki Ochiai this is an American remake of the Thai film
Shutter (2004), while I have not seen the original Thai one it's
probably a safe bet that it's better than this soft teen supernatural
horror that is remarkable only for it's blandness. While I didn't think
Shutter was the worst remake of a not as good as everyone makes out
Asian horror I would have a hard time recommending it to anyone, having
recorded it off cable telly & having watched it for free at least I
didn't spend any money on it. The script is fairly routine, some young
happy American couple move to Japan & are menaced by some ghostly girl
with long black hair that covers her face, the looks & sounds are also
very familiar. As usual it all ties into some shocking past event that
the leads have to investigate & unravel, to be honest I didn't mind the
ending that much & although it does come across as a little bit silly I
did like the dark idea of some guy being left a hunchback vegetable
confined to a hospital room for the rest of his life. The basic plot
about spirit photo's doesn't go anywhere & in fact any serious
exploration of the phenomena is abandoned after a couple of speeches by
so called experts (wasn't it lucky that Jane showed those photo's to
that Japanese girl whose boyfriend just happened to be the editor of a
magazine about spirit photo's?) where Jane gets to look worried & then
the concept is merely used to show what the ghost is up to. Also, why
did Adam jump out of his apartment window & to his death? Was it guilt?
He had never shown any guilt before. had he? Was he possessed? There's
nothing else in the film to suggest possession so that's a little bit
of a loose end for me. At just over 80 minutes at least it's short, it
moves along at a reasonable pace with one or two decent enough moments
but overall Shutter felt far too routine, bland & uninspired.

Available in both PG & Unrated versions the Unrated cut doesn't feature
any new violence or gore but instead some extra dialogue scenes that
don't really add much (apart from a couple of minutes of running time).
Like a lot of modern US horror Shutter was obviously intended for a
teen audience & as such with it's PG rating feels very tame, there's no
real gore or violence & only a couple of people die. Like the script
the visual style of Shutter is also very bland & forgettable, there are
lots of plain whites, greys & blacks which gives Shutter a very drab

Filmed in Tokyo in Japan this did respectable business at the
box-office taking over $25 million, the acting is alright & the cast is
cute enough but again it's pretty bland.

Shutter isn't the worst remake out there but at the same time isn't
very good, I did like the concept behind the twist ending although the
execution wasn't entirely successful. Watchable in a short none
offensive sort of way but I doubt I will remember anything about it in
a few days.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie starts out slowly and never really does pick up momentum. The
plot centers on a young American couple that travel to Japan for their
honeymoon, while on the way to their cabin they hit a young woman who
gets up and disappears from the road. When Ben (the husband) gets an
opportunity to shoot a fashion spread, Jane (the wife) starts wandering
around Tokyo seeing the form of the girl she hit everywhere. As the
movie progresses Ben's secrets from the past come out to haunt the
young couple until the rather surprising end. While the plot of this
story was interesting, the development was poorly executed. The acting
was average, but the script never really fleshed out any of the
characters and one was left with a feeling of apathy when the end
credits rolled. Most of the movies in this day and age seem too long to
me, but this one might have benefited if the producers would have added
something to the story. At only 85 minutes the story just never took
off the ground. I always know a good thriller/horror when I can't sleep
after watching it and the night I watched this movie I slept straight
through without a single image floating through my head. It was a good
attempt at a scary movie but fell well short.

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