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  • Sleepover
    • Sleepover
    • Runtime:89 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:20:32
    • Director: Joe Nussbaum
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Have you ever seen something so awful, so terrible, so frightening,
that you couldn't look away? This film is akin to a fiery cataclysm or
roadkill. It is literally so bad, it's almost mesmerizing.

This film was on cable after the movie my husband and I had been
watching, and we left the TV on. Big mistake. After about ten minutes,
unable to tear our eyes from the train wreck, my husband and I wanted
to start a list of the bad messages it sends to teenage girls, or, most
probably, girls a lot younger. (Why not? It's never too early to learn
that if you're an overweight 14-year-old girl, you'll either never have
a boyfriend, or you'll jump at the chance to get one that's old enough
to legally get into a bar.) That's in addition to the other list we
wanted to start, of the numerous dangerous and/or illegal activities
that the girls engage in, in order to win a prestigious place to eat
lunch when they enter high school after the summer. (Because everyone
remembers how important where THEY ate lunch was when they were in high

The messages of a GOOD film would be that overweight girls are just as
valuable as anorexic ones, and that true friendship is more important
than where you eat lunch. Instead, this movie tells young girls that
dangerous, illegal hijinks and deception should be rewarded with
popularity and boyfriends galore.

You have been warned.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First impressions can be misleading. This seemed a fun romp, the sort
of thing that gets labelled as girlie and which I tend to find
addictive to the point of wanting to rate it as 10 or 9 or, in this
case 8. This does not appear to have anything like the depth of
Heathers or Clueless or Practical Magic, etc, so 10 felt wrong. It did
not seem to be at the level of addictive sugar of lesser depth, so 9
felt wrong. Yet it is still addictive, to those who like this sort of
girlie romp?

It is also the best for Sara Paxton that I have, so far.

It is a summer-before-high-school story. Played by 15 year olds,
mostly, acting as 14 year olds. Unusual. I find that it might be
interesting to compare this with John Tucker Must Die, a thong story
that gets much better IMDb user ratings than this despite me
considering it to be a potential equal marred by quality aspects. So,
that is 17s played by 20s?, it looked really wrong to me and sounded
even more wrong, first viewing. It is a boxer shorts story and the
comments make me wonder how many of them are by secret girlies rather
than by secret boys.


For me, the power comes by trying to consider what it is trying to say.
It is addictive sugar, yes, but to me it is also a parable about the
1990's and 80's and earlier. Early in the story, dad is grumbling about
the kitchen taps, his test of the water makes an indicator turn blue.
The house is going to have a baby boy?

He stays at home while his better half is taking a night off. He does
not spend the evening dressing pretty, ready for when she returns, but
potters with the plumbing while his daughter has a sleepover.

During the 1980's I understand feminists to have been quietly trying to
earn their understanding of 'trouser technique', working to qualify as
effective secret men, a global disaster for anyone who happened to be
weaker than what was needed for being on the same planet as this was
happening on. It seemed to follow rules that I grew up on the receiving
end of from my early years, living death.

80's and 90's boxer shorts world, where the weak are led astray and
corrupted, I should expect this story to get reactions of horror from
any who were physically male during that time. Except that I can watch
it and consider it to be addictive sugar rather than a horrifying
poison. This is a story that dives into the unmentionables and comes
out smelling sweet. These girls are real horror and it is accepted
because they are learning trouser skills, bra in the fridge, boys will
be boys. Just they also live in a world were fools are under pressure
to get corrupted.


While getting to know this I was also watching three other DVDs that I
purchased at the same time-ish.

Push (2009), to me is a near equal to Sleepover even though it is
looking at scary stuff that I can read as linked to this theme. Not
cute sugar or obvious. I needed to watch it a few times just to

Bynes' Sydney White (2007) and Tisdale's Picture This (2008). Not at
this level but nice romps. Tisdale by the swimming pool even takes
acting beyond where many modern actors can allow themselves to go.

Many seem to rate Sleepover as 6 and John Tucker as 10. I consider that
as examples of voting in a symbolic way. Consider quality, my personal
idea of sense says that these actually merit 10 and 6. Both look at a
difficult subject and Sleepover does that in an unusually effective way
that appears to have voters running away? So, could be that Tucker
rates better than a six. Sleepover as 10 though, my sense of sense, a
school story with class. Beware of superficial interpretations.

Sleepover is a masterwork. Push is a flawed masterwork. But both are


I was bored one night and decided to go ahead and see what Sleepover
was, it was on TV, figured it might not be so bad. Well, while it did
live up to my expectations, I have to say for teens, this movie wasn't
so bad. First off, the first time I saw Steve Carrel on the screen, I
was like "Is that Steve… no, it can't be. Why would he be in a movie
like this?", and it was him. But I guess we all have to start
somewhere. He was an interesting person in the cast, but it's all good.
Even though I didn't really like the film, it was worth the watch, I
thought it was a good idea for the "tweens" as most people are calling
this genre. I suppose who doesn't dream of a sleepover like this one? I
mean it had everything, the girls had a date with their teacher(sounds
sick, I know), messed with authority and got away with it, and got the

Julie Corky is throwing a big sleepover for her friends, it's the
summer before they enter high school, so they are trying to make a new
name for themselves as the click crowd. After a bad night, the click
leader, Staci wants to have fun and challenges Julie and her friends to
a scavenger hunt where they have to do certain things throughout the
night and then whoever wins will get the hot spot in high school and
have lunch next to the fountain. The girls are in for one wild night
and end up with the greater reward: friendships that will last a

I have to admit that Sleepover has a few cute laughs, I wouldn't deny
that some moments are funny. While the movie is still very overly
cheesy, it's all good for the audience it was aimed at. It was just so
cute how Julie found her "true love" in the movie, lol, I'm sure most
teens find their true loves like that in real life. So other than that
unrealistic situation, this was just like a J-14 magazine, I feel so
preppy and bubbly, I have to watch a serious movie now I think. For the
teens, this is the perfect movie for them, for adults, well, begin to
feel old, because if this is the way kids act now a days, then I'm glad
I'm done with them.


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