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  • Sneakers
    • Sneakers
    • Runtime:126 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:24:26
    • Director: Phil Alden Robinson
    • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:


This is a must film for fans who want to know if the world's secrets
can be acquired through theft. The answer may surprise many including
Officials who believe our Government is secure. This film is entitled "
Sneakers " and is about a group of Cyber-specialists who advertise
themselves as computer security experts. Their job is to test the
encryption systems of various electronic based companies. In their
youth, two college students (Jo Marr and Gary Hershberger) seeking to
right the world's financial problems, break into a University system as
a prank. Unfortunately they are detected and Marr is sent to prison. It
is years later and Bishop (Robert Redford) is a legitimate security
consultant who is kidnapped because he has stolen a 'Black Box' which
can hack into the most secure and sensitive centers of the world. His
team consists of other specialists like Donald Crease (Sidney Poitier)
Erwin Emory (David Strathairn) 'Mother' (Dan Aykroyd) and River Phoenix
as Carl. They have decided to take on the Government agents who are
holding Bishop. The problem multiples when the C.I.A. takes an active
interest as does Bishop's former friend who seeks his own bit of
revenge. The movie is interesting and lively as the level of danger
grows until everyone is in danger including the real U.S. government.
Easily recommended as a wonderful, but serious film. ****


I have seen this film several times, and it always entertains. It's got
a well-placed plot, and the acting is tremendous. I look back at the
supporting cast, and it really is top-notch. There isn't a weak link in
the bunch: Redford, Poitier, River Phoenix, David Strathairn, Mary
McConnell – even Akroyd is good here. (And that list doesn't even
include the magnificent Ben Kingsley!) I saw the film when it first
came out as a grad student in math, and yes, the math in the film is
absurd. The idea of a key that could break any possible code is utterly
absurd. But hey, it's fiction, so it's not worth complaining too much
about it. I think it's reasonable for fiction to be occasionally
unrealistic – esp. any thing that wants to make for interesting science

From a mathematician's perspective, Sneakers is a breath of fresh in
this respect: it doesn't depict mathematicians as crazy.


Movies that try to do a lot fail more often than they succeed. There's
no doubt that "Sneakers" attempts to pull off a lot of things during
its 126 minute running time. Just look at the genres its listed under
on its page (and believe me, the film spends plenty of time in each of
them). But while there are many films that suffer from being overly
ambitious, "Sneakers" is not one of them. It's hard to imagine how this
film could be any more perfect.

Martin Bishop (Robert Redford) runs a business in testing security
systems with an eccentric group of characters. However, they are hired
by the NSA to steal a mysterious box from a scientist. Of course, not
everything is what it seems.

To say more would be a crime. "Sneakers" has enough twists and turns to
keep the viewer guessing where it will go next. This is achieved by
both Phil Alden Robinson's excellent direction, and a smart script
where the heroes and villains are equally intelligent.

The acting is terrific. Robert Redford is terrific as the low-key
Bishop. Bishop has a dark past, but he's likable enough that we still
root for him. His crew is made up of actors who turn in equally good
performances: Sidney Poitier as the weary Creasy, Dan Aykroyd as the
conspiracy freak known as Mother (the banter between Mother and Creasy
is hilarious), the late River Phoenix as the teen-aged Carl, and David
Stratharin is excellent as the blind, but excellent-hearing Whistler.
And Mary McDonnell is delightful as Mary's ex-girlfriend Liz. The
villains (I won't say who they are) ooze menace.

Phil Alden Robinson made his debut with the hit "Field of Dreams," and
he follows it up with "Sneakers." The tone is perfect. It's fun,
easy-going, but it leaves room for legitimate tension. It's also oddly
nostalgic. The result is a dreamy masterpiece.

See "Sneakers." You won't be disappointed.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm always up for a good caper movie, and this is one of the better
ones. It doesn't get overworked with such intricacy and tension that
trying to keep up with it would prove unsatisfying. Instead, this one
puts together a nice blend of mystery, suspense, intrigue and humor,
and does it with a capable cast and clever writing. The hacker group's
lone egghead is at the same time a conspiracy theorist (Dan Ackroyd)
who balances out his own personality, while the rest are a
complementary lot to their leader, Robert Redford, alias Martin Brice,
alias Martin Bishop. I couldn't quite see Sidney Poitier as a member of
the group in the early going, but he did deliver the film's best line
in my estimation – "You guys would be chalk outlines without me".

The film was somewhat eerily prophetic in it's treatment of an attempt
by our country's enemies to acquire access to computers controlling the
national power grid. Recent headlines in the news make mention of just
such a scenario with the potential to cripple the nation's
infrastructure. The bad guys have been pitted against the good guys
since the beginning of time, but with each passing year, the stakes
continue only to escalate.

I tuned in to "Sneakers" last night without realizing that I had seen
it before, and kept wondering for a while why I knew what was coming
next. It was Mary McDonnell's appearance that finally brought me to my
senses – I remembered that she was also pretty hot the first time

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