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  • Sniper
    • Sniper
    • Runtime:98 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:28:39
    • Director: Luis Llosa
    • Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Best acting rendered by Tom Berenger.Billy Zane,otherwise commendable
for dramatic adventure performances in Memphis Belle (1993) and The
Phantom (1996),fails to make believable his character's
see-sawing,erratic personality (how has he been chosen as a National
Security Council operative for a top-ranking killing mission in the
Panamanian outback, with only an office background?).The build-up is
interesting enough,though the junior marksman played by Zane is deeply
fear-stricken to begin with and later on at best irresponsibly
indecisive while unbelievably careless,grouchy and childishly arrogant
in his goings-on in the jungle,with the murderous streak suddenly
developed against his senior partner toward the end of the story
seeming very far-fetched,in view of the fact that the baddies are a
mere stone's throw away and closing in,so you would not think anyone in
that situation would care to consider erasing the only person on his
side,not at least until after they had succeeded in escaping and
certainly not in the middle of the bullet-ridden mêlée.Berenger looks
and acts the part he plays,as a professional military man with all the
trappings of a skilled specialist,bare of conceit,plus a moral
streak(in jumping to the occasion of wiping out two evildoers rather
than just one).The film's unsurprising ending -the junior marksman
growing up to become a man- can be discounted by the audience: nothing
to remain in the viewer's memory -certainly nothing as Sgt. Croft's
unexpected demise towards the end of Raoul Walsh's 1958 film "The Naked
and the Dead"-.


Sniper is a much better movie than i thought it would be.i did think it
would be entertaining,but more from a time wasting perspective than
anything else.but it turns out it's a pretty tense,at times suspenseful
film.it's well paced.there are no spots that drag.i wasn't bored for a
minute.and the two lead actors,Tom Berenger and Billy Zane work well
off each other.both are very well suited for this particular role and
were very convincing.as for the degree of realism in the film,i can't
speak to that,but i do know i enjoyed myself for 90 odd minutes,and
sometimes it's enough to just enjoy a movie for the entertainment
value.for me,Sniper is an 8/10


This is definitely Tom Berenger's signature film, he is perfect for
this role and also Billy Zane did his job well in this film.

The best thing about this film is it's simplicity just like predator,
the jungle and well chosen music works perfectly with this film adding
to the suspense. This is a generally speaking (in a non-sexist way)
truly a guy film, I remember watching this with my girlfriend and I am
sure she was counting the squares on the carpet after five minutes so
be careful who you watch it with. I have watched this film many times
and it goes on "the keeps" shelf of my DVD collection, awesome film.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for the sniper films that come after
this but they are watchable.

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