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  • Solomon Kane
    • Solomon Kane
    • Runtime:104 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:30:36
    • Director: Michael J. Bassett
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    • Studio:


Or bad, depending on the point of view of course. And thankfully the
main actor was not the guy I confused him with. I won't say the name,
but the other guy has facial expressions that wouldn't be possible if
you put them under a microscope. But back to this movie and the actor
who portrays the main character.

The movie stands and falls with him and he does a pretty good job, with
the slim premise and story he gets to play with. He almost elevates it
into another level. You could say, that this is the new "Highlander"
(if that character was party bad that is). But the feeling is there and
if you loved those movies, you will cherish what you get from Solomon


Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a dog of war, a despicable scoundrel
feasting on bloodshed and murder, scavenging the world in search of
treasures and picking endless battles. Until the day of an ill-fated
expedition to Northern Africa, where he discovers a throne-room filled
with sorcery and demonic rituals. There he comes face to face with the
devil's reaper, where he learns of his eternal damnation. Barely
escaping the ordeal Solomon Kane renounces violence and joins a
monastery. Even here he can not find peace and is forced to leave in
search of a absolution. However the path to redemption is not the same
for everyone and it is not always a path of peace…

The main strengths of the movie come with James Purefoy, who does an
excellent performance as the tormented hero, albeit he does seem to
falter a bit towards the end, when the action overshadows the dramatic.
I wasn't also too impressed by the fight sequences and it would seem
Purefoy requires some more lessons in swords, before he can be utterly
convincing as the swashbuckling Kane. Nonetheless the character is
extremely likable and Purefoy has a couple of tremendous scenes. Also
personally I felt he did the best job of selling some corny one-liners
I have seen in quite a while.

Now the movie does keep you involved and the two monsters in this movie
are extremely well done, albeit severely underutilised. Especially the
last fight between Kane and the fire demon were unsatisfactory, as the
fight never really starts before it ends in a anticlimax. Nonetheless
the special effects as well as makeup and characterisation are top
notch and for that alone worth a watch.

Not all the drama works however and the script as well as the directing
do seem a bit lazy basically trying to get from point A to point B
through the shortest possible route, but with not enough heart to make
the story captivating and very memorable. Definitely a good attempt at
bringing Solomon Kane to the silver screen, but this story would have
been much more enthralling if it wasn't so rushed.

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