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  • Son of Rambow
    • Son of Rambow
    • Runtime:96 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:09:15
    • Director: Garth Jennings
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Son of Rambow


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is fun to watch and enjoy it is how a shy sheltered boy ends
up befriending the misfit outcast of a boy. At first the boy is a bully
to the shy one.

The shy boy belongs to a strict religious group that shuns all
technology and is not allowed to watch television. This is how he meats
the bully because his class is going to watch a television program, he
has to go out in the hall to do some school work. The "bully" he meets
is tossed into the hallway because he's being disruptive.

It is fun to watch their antics as they become friends and help each
other to make this movie to enter a contest, which they never enter.


After I saw a trailer along with some really good reviews from so many
places I decided that this is a definitely a movie to watch. It looks
raw and seems like a really good independent movie that I always enjoy
plus I always enjoy English humor. But after having seen it for myself
I somehow find it pretty bland and pointless. It wasn't bad film but it
wasn't good either.

Synopsis: A story about two school boys with two different backgrounds
joint together to make the home movie (where they were inspired from
the movie First Blood) for the competition, along the way they met many
obstacles that challenge their friendship.

It took quite a long while before you will understand where the film is
heading to, there are quite a few good moment in the film but the lack
of substance in the story making this movie so empty and thus not
really hold the interest well. It wasn't like it was predictable story
but the flow of the film was pretty uneven and the character wasn't
really standout (this might actually clash with other people idea, I

I believe the best of the film was the casting of the two main
characters Will and Carter, and the kid did a good job portraying their
character. Other actors also did pretty alright with their role
specially the French kid, though I still not really see main purpose of
his existence despite the fact he is one of the few main character and
the one who cause the rift between Will and Carter and other student
with his Mr. Popular status. His character hasn't done anything much. I
also feel that Will imagination hasn't been express to the fullest in
the film.

Otherwise I thought everything was pretty alright, the film do consist
of blend in score (though sometime feel really strange), nice location,
good dialogue, neat wardrobe and so on. Not much has been emphasize
that the film took place in the '80 but just the few accessories, few
words and wardrobe of the French kid that dress like Boy George and
Cyndi Lauper combine and that seem like the trendiest thing then.

All in all, I can't really fully recommend this movie to anyone – first
if you're not into this type of movie you will surely bored and -
second if you do actually like to watch independence film this still is
not really that good, cause this isn't much of story driven.

All I can recommend was if you still want to watch it catch it on free
cable or rent it from DVD store.

Reason to Watch: Will and Carter are lovable character.

Reason to Watch: Not really hold interest.

Rating: 5/10 (Grade: D+)

PS: They do explain why the film spell Rambow with "W" inside the film
at the end of the credit.


Son of Rambow is made by a director of mostly music videos, and one
previous feature, the underwhelming adaptation of Adams' Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy. Here he displays a personal touch that was mostly
absent from the previous film. It's a tale of childhood, and two
outsider kids, one a religiously-indoctrinated shut-in with a wild
imagination as as a drawer, and the other without parental guidance and
a penchant for shoplifting and bootlegging copies of First Blood. They
meet somewhat unlikely in a hallway and Will and Carter (Bill Milner
and Will Poulter respectively, both excellent child actors) grow close
upon the bootleg of First Blood, which Carter wants to recreate for a
young- person film festival.

In a small way I was reminded of the documentary American Movie, which
saw a group of ragtag filmmakers in a small town in Minnesota coming
together (or rather being led by one eccentric one, though most
'normal' of the bunch) to make a short film. It was rough and crude
ultimately, but it got finished and released. By the end of Son of
Rambow, we know the film will be released and seen, though what the
reaction will be is in question. While Jennings can lay on the sap in
the third act, it turns out to be earned by the warm humor and
sometimes weird BIG laughs in the mid-section with a French boy with a
Flock of Seagulls look. When it comes to filming First Blood, and
including with it a 'son' looking for Rambo along with a flying yellow
dog (created by Will), it's hard not to get joyously silly.

But what also makes the sap earned is that it's a serious dramatic
movie at heart as well. Jennings doesn't take for granted the
"Bretheren" that Will is apart of, or rather his mother is apart of
after his father's sudden death by aneurysm, and how this impacts the
relationship between Will and Carter (Will technically can't watch any
movies much less Rambo, and certainly can't be friends with mischievous
Carter, who is a little punk who is lonely at heart). We're drawn in to
the characters, and the high emotions of childhood, and what is
unlikely will most likely happen; I've had friends like Carter, I know
this group of wild kids, even if it's not the same circumstances or
same country. The relatability to things here is uncanny, and it's what
is most striking after being a sometimes amazingly funny comedy of
makin-movies errors. It even leans into the quirky, but not too much

It's a winning little movie, unassuming and heartfelt genuinely, and
includes some cool 80's music to go with its 80's style and Rambo.


Son of Rambow was an extreme surprise to me. I loved it on so many
levels. It brings back nostalgia and makes me feel like a kid again
because I have always been fascinated with video cameras and I've
always loved to make little homemade movies. Exploring and making a
world for myself has also been a big part of me. Will has an incredible
imagination and runs wild with ideas and creations of his own and makes
the world his own little masterpiece. He befriends a troublemaker, Lee
Carter, and they decide to make a movie together. People who want to
see some big blockbuster CGI movie should stay away from this one, this
is a movie all about creating your own adventures and stories. It's
about the passion of movies. This movie, on a personal level, is one of
my favorites. It's extremely touching and sentimental, and to tell the
truth, I was teary eyed at the end. It brought back some fond memories
of my childhood and I will always hold this movie near my heart.
Perfect for anybody who wants to feel like a kid again.

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