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  • StarStruck
    • StarStruck
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:29:07
    • Director: Michael Grossman
    • Genres: Musical
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I still poke around Disney Channel when I'm bored, and this film caught
my eye, only because of the occasional smile I get from Sterling
Knight's egotistical character on another show.

Ten minutes in, I had figured out the entire plot, climax and ending,
which is not necessarily a bad thing – but just about every concept in
this film was either clichéd or overused. Disney is very much into the
pop-star concept, only because tweens of today are obsessed with
celebrity and Hollywood. Take Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance etc.
So Starstruck is about a small-town girl that wins the heart of a famed
big shot teen idol – every tween's dream right? The one major downfall
of this film that Starstruck does not adhere by is the characterisation
of the female protagonist. She is supposed to be relatable, likable, so
that female viewers can imagine themselves to be her. This is what
Stephanie Meyer got right about her Twilight novels. However, this
girl, she was so insignificant that I've forgotten her name, made me
cringe every time she opened her mouth. Yes, she was annoyingly pretty,
but her bad acting combined with the extremely bad screen writing
created an astonishly horrible character. She bitched the whole time
about how irritating her older sister is, about the celebrity of
Hollywood and getting a little dirty after a great day. Her and
Sterling's relationship lacked any real emotion either, it was very
very shallow and seemed to develop over about two sentences as
everything else was simply bickering.

This film was so incredibly awful, that I couldn't even bear to watch
the last of it. Once I saw Knight's character on the stage at her
school dance, I switched the TV off. I would not recommend this, even
for bored passing time. Once of the worst films, even by Disney
standards, that I have ever seen.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to admit when I saw the trailer for this movie, I had no desire
to watch it.

Well, one night I was bored and decided to watch it. I liked it.

I think Sterling Knight was great in it. He is the only reason I watch
Sonny with a Chance. I wanted to see what he would be like in a
different role.

Danielle Campbell was okay, I believe she has acting potential. I liked
her character because she wasn't easy, she made Christopher work.

I found the grandma and the older sister endearing, for some reason.
I'll admit the dialogue was cheesy in some parts and cliché.

But over all, the movie is worth watching.


You shouldn't expect terms as «Labor of Love» or «creative enjoyment»
being relevant descriptions of the current Disney Channel movies,
especially in their current way of milking out their stars (the «High
School Musical» flicks are relevant examples of that). Fortunately,
some of the DC films have turned out to be actually quite passable,
like «Princess Protection Programme», «Jump In» and «Wizards of Waverly
Place The Movie» (although this is embarrassing to admit, but I
genuinely enjoyed «Camp Rock» and felt it was put a little bit of heart
and soul into the story). Unfortunately, the same can't be said about
their latest effort, «StarStruck», which is a lifeless and soulless
attempt of a TV movie.

First of all, both the plot and the movie it self are completely
shallow, pedestrian and clichéd. It could least been worked with some
finesse, but «StarStruck» is completely dull and unoriginal. There are
absolutely no inventive or clever twists in its predictable and
worn-out story, which by the way has a few plot holes and drowns it
self into sentimentality during the third act. Or you could simply just
called this flick «Hannah Montana The Movie» with a male pop star.

None of the acting is noteworthy, with the exception of Sterling
Knight. Not that he delivers a profound role, but the consideration
that he's played an anonymous loner in «17 Again» and the self-absorbed
Chad Dylan Cooper in «Sonny With A Chance» proves that this guy has
acting potential. Sterling Knight plays the pop star Christopher Wilde
in this one and gives the character both charm and spunk. The girl
lead, Danielle Campbell, is extremely cute, but has been given a rather
thankless role. Some of the IMDb-users have proclaimed her as annoying.
Well, that isn't a coincidence, since the screenwriters haven't given
her character substance nor depth. But it's not her fault, though. She
and Sterling has a bit of chemistry, but she constantly gets out shined
by him. She does however pull out some emotional moments well, but
overall portrays Jessica as a flat character without substance or
personality. Now I'm just wondering if Disney is going to promote her
as the next Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

Maggie Castle as Jessica's sister Sara, who's obsessed with Christopher
Wilde, is extremely annoying and shallow in her part. It's also a pity
that the likable and charismatic Chelsea Stub (Stella in «JONAS») has
been given a thankless role.

And there's the music of this movie. Since this is another pop star
concept, there's ought to be some songs and of course some really
mainstream ones, too. But while «High School Musical», «Camp Rock» and
«Hannah Montana» at least had some catchy and hummable songs, the
soundtrack of «StarStruck» is mainstream, bland and uninspiring, just
as the movie itself. The only passable song is the rap tune «Party Up»,
performed by Brandon Smith (Nico in «Sonny With a Chance»).

Overall, if you're looking for a good DC movie, look everywhere besides
«StarStruck», which is an uninspired and soulless money-attempt from


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was deeply surprised by this movie. Considering I haven't enjoyed a
Disney Original small-screen movie since Halloweentown, I was very
reluctant to watch this one. Not to mention, I am not a fan of Sonny
with a Chance, on which Sterling is a regular cast member. But I can
happily say that I have never been more surprised by a made-for-TV

There is something in the essence of this film that draws the viewer in
and keeps them deeply invested in the storyline. The young talent that
makes up most of the cast is a realistic mix of good and bad acting,
with the two leads- Danielle and Sterling- bringing far more to their
characters than the predictable dialogue affords. Sterling, as the
typical teen idol who lives life in a fantasy world as fake as a
Hollywood movie, does favorable credit to the role of the selfish and
arrogant teen music sensation Christopher Wilde. And Danielle, as his
feet-on-the-ground, non-fan love interest Jessica Olsen, offers a sense
of chemistry to the pairing that I rarely see in Disney's Originals.
Neither is a brilliant actor, but they truly complement each other's
talents and flaws in a realistic manner.

The plot is a recycled story to be sure. But there is a lot of
originality in the specific scenes. For instance, a trip to the ER, and
the sinking of a car are what writers refer to as 'plot devices', but
the style in which these scenes were written, shot, and acted gives
them new life.

Perhaps the main detriment to this film is the predictable dialogue.
While there is a freshness to the script of this film, there are
several moments in the action where I was literally able to finish the
characters' lines before they did so on the screen.

Overall, this is a solid film with a feel-good vibe, but its flare is
not nearly as strong as the film makers would have wished it to be. 7
out 10, and well worth a watch if you are a Sterling fan, a Disney
Originals fan, or a Danielle fan. But do not expect perfection; you
will not find it. And I think that is the heart of the charm of this
movie- the flaws.

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