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  • Starman
    • Starman
    • Runtime:115 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:40:17
    • Director: John Carpenter
    • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:


'Starman' directed by John Carpenter is a good film in all aspects, but
far from being great. The concept is indeed interesting and to a large
extend, the concept gets it's due. But there are hiccups, which every
film does!

'Starman' tells the story of an Alien, who takes the form of a young
widow's husband and asks her to drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona to
complete his mission.

Like mentioned, this 1984 flick has potential and it must be said, that
the first hour is indeed excellent. The chemistry between Jeff Bridges
and Karen Allen is superb, and acts as one of the major plus-points of
the film. But the problem lies in it's writing, which loses pace in the
final 30-minutes. It doesn't get boring, but you get a hitch in your
seat. Even the culmination, appears half-baked.

John Carpenter's direction is good. The screenplay is mostly super, but
gets a bit dirty in the final 30-minutes. Donald M. Morgan's
Cinematography is perfect.

Performance-Wise: Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen are the life of
'Starman'. Bridges delivers a remarkable performance as an alien, while
Karen plays her part with absolute ease. And their chemistry, as told,
is superb.

On the whole, 'Starman' may not be a classic for all, but it surely is
a good flick to watch. Recommended!


If anyone can take a movie which involves extraterrestrials coming to
our planet and close the door on the sci-fi elements of the story, it's
John Carpenter. The films relationship to outer space is quickly closed
off and the film's focus becomes the relationship between humanity and
alien-life as it exists in a complicated relationship of love. Jenny
Hayden (played by Karen Allen) finds it difficult to accept that her
late husband's image is being used by an alien so it can stay somewhat
undercover from our government forces. After Jenny discovers that
Starman means her no harm and the alien desperately needs to get him
before Earth's elements kill him. Jenny becomes sympathetic towards him
and even begins to fall in love. The question that remains is whether
or not, with the aid of Jenny, Starman can return home safely.

Obviously when you require a human actor to successfully portray a
visitor from another planet while in a human body, one needs to choose
a talented cast. The acting by Jeff Bridges is exquisite as he is able
to show how understanding and misunderstanding the English language as
well as facial expressions impacts the level of success in regards to
communication. With his limited knowledge of the English language and
his unfamiliarity with human expressions, Bridges must portray a being
that not only does not understand but does not become frustrated with
the complexities of human behavior.

This John Carpenter film differs from his other directing jobs simply
because he does not use the same style and techniques that he
frequently used in films such as Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, and
the Fog. Despite being stripped of Carpenter's 'Carpenter-ness', the
film is shot very well and keeps it simple. The acting as well as the
light-hearted story, carry this film, as opposed to Carpenter using his
techniques in the aforementioned films to carry them to their
respective conclusions. Overall, this film successfully portrays the
love story, the sci-fi subtext, and human misunderstanding.


John Carpenter has directed all types of films, but Starman quite
possibly is his best romantic and family-friendly of all. It still
keeps in his science fiction roots as an alien descends into Wisconsin
by meteorite and then transforms into the body of Karen Allen's
recently dead husband by way of photographs, hair samples, and family
home movies. The focus really is not so much on the fact that he is
alien but rather what is human – both good and bad. Questions about
love, courage, honesty, and integrity either directly or more subtly
emerge as Bridges, giving a tour-de-force performance as the alien,
tries to assimilate into the society and culture with which he has
landed in. Humans are portrayed as one might expect: hostile,
intolerant, greedy, vain, compassionate, understanding, and a range of
other emotions. Jeff Bridges shows us us through his learning to adapt
to human form. Allen is as always very good in her role showing a good
deal of pathos dealing with a life form that looks just like her dead,
dearly-missed husband and who she knows is alien. There are many
Carpenter touches that reinforce his sometimes overlooked directorial
abilities. The film has a taut pace, suspense when needed, comedic
interludes, poignant scenes, and an overall message designed to make
viewers think. The rest of the cast is provided with the likes of
Richard Jaeckel as a bad government agent and Charles Martin Smith
giving a fine performance as an understanding government subordinate.
Starman is a finely crafted, hugely entertaining film.

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