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  • Step Up 3D
    • Step Up 3D
    • Runtime:107 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:10:29
    • Director: Jon Chu
    • Genres: Drama, Music, Romance
    • Studio:


I liked the 1st movie. I loved the 2nd movie. I will not be purchasing
the 3rd movie. I didn't see anything special or ground breaking that I
didn't see in the 1st two "step ups" or even "you got served". I just
rented it on DVD – (No 3D) And I saw nothing new. The water scene seems
like it came from Step up 2. The finale with the lights seemed to look
similar to the the street scene with the flash lights from Step up 2.
The dude with the camera couldn't dance. And sister of the bad dude had
no street dancing skills. I liked the twins, Moose and his best
friend,the robot guy and even bringing back some of the dancers from
step up 2. My over all review. Step Up 2 was much better….


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well first of all, this movie is NOTHING like the first one or like the
second, its more like its own movie. Only one thing that this movie has
in common with the others is that it has good music. It doesn't go
anywhere near the school and its not as real as the others. It has a
story, and the big battle and the 2 characters who like each other
(havent you've herd this before.) The movie is very predictable, I mean
everybody knows they're gonna win. This is a really fun movie with
Hella awesome dance moves, nothing like you've seen in the first one.
But this movie has its cheesy moments, like its very " LETS BATTLE IT
ON THE DANCEFLOOR" type, the first one was more dark and realistic. The
acting was average but the best would have to be Adam G. Sevani's
character Moose. Another thing I liked was that that some of the
dancers from the second were in it. I only wish Brianna Evigan could
have had a cameo or a least someone from the first. I think the movie
was a good fun movie and what the movie is really about is the dancing,
its a lot of fun, it had its dramatic moments but you can't take em

I grade this movie a 6/10.


Step Up 3D

If impromptu dance-offs occur on your campus often, there's a pretty
good chance your dormitory is infested with jitterbugs.

Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any creepy crawlies in this dance
movie, save for the worm.

When street-dancers Moose (Adam Sevani) and Camille (Alyson Stoner)
attend NYU they must decide how to spend their time away from home:
poplocking or learning? While Camille chooses the ladder, Moose joins
an underground dance crew that aspires to win the upcoming World Jam
dance contest.

Meanwhile, the crew's videographer (Rick Malambri) unknowing falls for
the sister (Sharni Vinson) of the rival squad's leader. Needles to say,
routines are stolen and new ones are needed.

While the dance moves are mind-boggling, the rest of Step Up 3D is a
retread of every other dance movie out there.

However, it is proof that University is more than just about books;
it's about pulling your groin. (Red Light)


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Step Up 3 directed by John Chu is average at best. The story follows a
typical format which follows the lives of a group of outkast kids who
need to overcome adversity in order to succeed.

The dancing in the movie itself is pretty amazing but other than that
it is lacking. Even then I think the dancing lacked in comparison to
the other 2 films Natalie's final dance move in the film was weak, it
was clear throughout that she was not a natural dancer compared to
Moose played by Adam G. Sevani. The acting is pretty poor but then
again what can you expect when the script is clearly lacking.

To be honest I am a little surprised that this is rated above a 5. I
think a solid 3 and half would be more appropriate.

Straight to the point,

Anton Thomas from NZ

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