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  • Stitch! The Movie
    • Stitch! The Movie
    • Runtime:60 min
    • Release Date:2015-05-25 17:34:08
    • Director: Tony Craig
    • Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Stitch! The Movie


The first "Lilo and Stitch" was a warm and entertaining animated
feature, compensated fully by beautiful animation, a nice soundtrack
and a superb script that was not only funny but taught morals without
feeling slushy. "Stitch! The Movie" was merely okay, but it doesn't
have the magic or the sense of fun the first film had. I will give some
credit the voice work is very good, Daveigh Chase is very sweet as Lilo
and David Ogden Stiers just as he did in the original was marvellous as
Jumbaa. Hamsterviel is a good villain, sweet on the outside but quite
dangerous really. I liked it that Gantu had more to do here, and there
are some decent laughs mostly from Experiment 625. However, the film is
too short, at merely an hour there isn't much character development
consequently the characters and the relationships between them (Lilo
and Stitch's especially) weren't as engaging or as poignant. In both
this and the TV series Nani's personality seems somewhat distorted.
Also the animation isn't as vibrant, colourful or as detailed as it was
in the original, not helped by rushed editing, and the script felt
rather shallow. By all means, this movie isn't bad, but it pales in
comparison to the original. 5/10 for trying. Bethany Cox

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