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  • Swordfish
    • Swordfish
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:27:28
    • Director: Dominic Sena
    • Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
    • Studio:


After a stint in prison, handsome computer hacker Hugh Jackman (as
Stanley Jobson) wants to see his daughter, but her scummy mother warns
him to stay away from the girl. While working on his golf swing, Mr.
Jackman is contacted by sexy Halle Barry (as Ginger Knowles), who
offers Jackman an assignment hacking a billion dollar account called
"Swordfish" for home-grown terrorist John Travolta (as Gabriel Shear).
If he can hack into the billions, Jackman is promised $10,000,000 and
access to his daughter. Jackman, who apparently works best while
receiving oral sex ordered by Mr. Travolta at gunpoint, accepts the

Director Dominic Sena opens with Travolta talking what turns out to be
an action-packed Los Angeles hostage situation.

Then, the story flashes back four days, and is told chronologically.
The opening is nicely done, and the film is filled with action. The
story doesn't hang together quite as well, however. You're left filling
in some of the blanks by yourself. For example, if Jackman didn't shoot
down a certain helicopter, just figure it would have hovered around
town until someone did. By the way, this is the film for which Ms.
Berry received a $500,000 bonus for exposing her breasts. That's
$250,000 per boob, folks, and it's over quickly. Conversely, Travolta
was paid $20,000,000 and keeps his shirt on. Go figure.

***** Swordfish (6/4/01) Dominic Sena ~ Hugh Jackman, John Travolta,
Halle Berry, Don Cheadle


An amusing and plausible "popcorn flick". from start to finish it is
safe to say that you should be for the most part, entertained by this

Travolta plays a convincing and somewhat ruthless "Villain", with an
attractive and mysterious Halle Berry in tow. I never thought computer
hacking could be as exciting as i saw it in this movie, but Hugh pulls
it off as a renowned and expert hacker.

While i certainly wouldent call this particular filim "gripping". It
does contain action, drama, and a slight curve ball at the end. with
that said "Swordfish" is certainly worthy of your time on a quiet night

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