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  • Taxi 2
    • Taxi 2
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:19:51
    • Director: Gérard Krawczyk
    • Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
    • Studio:


Taxi 2 is the 2000 sequel to 1998's French answer to many-an American
buddy films filtered by way for car enthusiasts, which was simply
entitled 'Taxi'. While it's fair to say I barely liked either, Taxi 2
didn't frustrate; annoy nor bore me as much as the first film did, in
fact at times it was pleasant to see it venture down the routes it did
purely because it meant refraining from doing what it did so badly in
the first film. Although Taxi 2 certainly sees a similar set up for the
first one. Rough-and-ready cabbie Daniel (Naceri) is called upon to
help out fumbling and bumbling police officer Émilien (Diefenthal) in
taking down some criminals for sake of global relations between nations
France and Japan. Some annoying things are retained from Taxi, others
were banished; some new problems came about, others didn't bother me so
much. On the whole, it's 88 minutes of some rather cynical
entertainment that's stupid enough to work if you excuse the odd thing;
but this is probably the highest amount of praise you can give to it.

Taxi 2's been moved to French capital Paris from the sunny, southern
city of Marseille; I'm thinking because the first was such an
unexpected hit and most international audiences have been deemed too
stupid to know what or where Marseille is, thus shifting it to
somewhere French they have heard of is the easiest way to give them a
sense of familiarity. The jump is a shifting of which is so senile,
that the arrival by way of parachute into said city goes so far as to
encompass the Eiffel Tower planted within the composition. The film
begins with Daniel and his taxi, a suped-up Peugeot, winning a rally
race without meaning to. He's speeding, and it's all made to look like
a lot of fun; but where the first encouraged reckless driving and
fetishised automobiles in a way that was positively ridiculous, Taxi 2
pokes fun at these criticisms by having him in the process of rushing a
woman to a hospital as she's about to give birth. His urgent driving
suddenly given a sense of justification and there feels a meek reason
to it; whereas in the first, it was breaking speed limits and traffic
codes under a sickly banner of the 'fun' and of the comedic. Daniel's
girlfriend is Lilly (Cotillard), and he wants her to be his wife; but
this is something he has to get past her father, a general, and a real
strict case. Eventually, the film will branch out into a daft process
of Daniel proving himself to this individual as he undertakes the given

The first Taxi film's inclusion of the odd relationship between French
state and French civilian remains in this sequel, captured resolutely
in a scene that sees a top ranked French state official attempt to don
hero of the hour Daniel with a suit, but it's too small and Daniel's
build tears through it – his blue French football jersey piercing
through the fabric in what is an attempt at all encompassing, all
consuming state formality being torn through and therefore foiled by
working class, knock-about French youth in the Zidane labelled football
kit. His buddy Émilien is still a loser, and the police are still
generally incompetent; Émilien finally passes his driving test out of
his instructor's pity and then gets beaten up by his crush Petra
(Wiklund) in a karate class. Overseeing most of the film's events is
the xenophobic as-ever police Commissaire named Gibert (Farcy), a
somewhat disgraceful customer whose chief source of humour revolved
around nationalism and racism in the first and continues the trend
here; the film going so far as to encompass a racial slur towards the
Japanese which casually switches off a voice-responsive car, something
Gibert blurts out with much glee every time the time comes to utter it.

The loose, loose plot sees the Japanese minister of defence visit
France but then kidnapped by some gangsters; it was Germans in the
first film, now it's the Japanese Yakuza, whom aren't cackling Aryan's
like the Germans were but are black leather jacket and shades sporting
nasties whom do not smile. Also, because it's all linked to the Far
East 'n' all, the film goes so far as to incorporate daft kung-fu
sequences purely there out of the fact the Japanese are the enemy. All
this allows Daniel to, as mentioned, prove himself to his
father-in-law-to-be General and the everyman to bail the state out of
trouble once again.

What I liked was that the car chases do not exist in the writer's mind
to purvey a negative sense, rather they were encompassed righteously
for positive reasons instead of 'crazy driving is funny/good'. Petra
and Émilien's relationship sees her match him and adopt a stronger role
this time round, rather than have her merely exist so as to be ogled at
by the aforementioned inept cop. Additionally, action is not as key in
this addition and the cars are not given as much of a focus as they
were in the first; when eerie fetishisations of the things were given
more due attention. Taxi 2 is pretty infantile, but there was something
consistently interesting on a very basic level in the two leads doing
everything they do out of love for respective people; the speedy car
sequences servicing a point rather than just having them there for sake
of it and that sense of something at stake feeling more prominent this
time around. This, while the basic sense of nationalistic pride, in the
commissioner's character, being punished and put through a series of
humiliations for possessing these beliefs, when his entire operation is
sabotaged by those he deems unworthy; inferior and below him ie; the
Japanese. Taxi 2 won't be for everyone; as it was, I found it just
about interesting enough.


This entertaining movie contains lots of fun, action, laughters and
impressive races . The film is developed in Marseille where again we
find the sympathetic young named Daniel, (Sami Naceri) driving a
spectacular taxi . The foul-mouthed cabbie join forces with the bungler
inspector named Emilien(Frederic Diefenthal). Daniel is the fastest
Cabman with an attractive fiancée(Marion Cotillard), while Emilian goes
after a gorgeous Inspector woman(Emma Sjoberg) and commanded by chief
Commissaire(Bernard Farcey). The police Inspector is a complete inept
behind the car and Daniel helps him to investigate the kidnapping a
Japanase high authority and his love interest ,Inspector Sjoberg. When
Daniel has problems , then he's forced to collaborate with Emilien.
They pursue a gang of Japanese who attempt to kidnap the Minister of
Defense and when they are on the heels of the band , the crooks drive a
speed demon pursued by the taxi in a fast and furious race . This is an
action-comedy film , chronicling the relationship between the
narrow-minded cabdriver and the botcher cop ,among others amusing

The motion picture mingles noisy action , car pursuits, humor with
tongue in cheek, shootouts, rip roaring and lots of amusement. From the
beginning to the end the action packed is fast moving, provides fast
and furious entertainment with overwhelming scenes. Displays nonstop
action and is extremely bemusing and hilarious. There are chases galore
in breathtaking velocity and with impressive finale race cars, filmed
by magnificent stunts and excellent visual effects. Colorful
cinematography and appropriate musical score fitting to action by
Khemya. The picture is lavishly produced by great producer and director
Luc Besson and well directed by Gerard Krawczyk (Fanfan La Tulipe,
Wasabi, Heroines). Followed by more sequels Taxi 3(2003) y Taxi
4(2007), all directed by Gerard Krawczyc and same actors ; furthermore
an American version with Queen Lafitah, Henry Simmons and Jimmy Fallon,
being directed by Tim Story. The flick will appeal to adrenaline
enthusiasts and those young people looking for amusing and strong
emotions. It's a must see for the cars aficionados.

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