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  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
    • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
    • Runtime:109 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:03:04
    • Director: Jonathan Mostow
    • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


I grew up loving Terminator. Especially the second movie. And this
movie completely sucks in almost every way.

I keep trying to find something redeeming about it. I'm trying to force
myself with mental back-flips into somehow making this movie not the
worst film I had ever seen. The only thing good this film did was
judgment day. But, that would have served better as a two or three
minute prologue to T4 and T4 could have been T3 and things would be
much better.

(Judgment day was pro-longed but not stopped, now to the movie.) The
movie tries to be funny, and falls on its face by taking treasured
scenes and turning them into half-baked and crappy jokes. It tries to
change storyline, in all the wrong ways. Everything feels forced. You
almost wish that Arnold will stop talking because everything he says
just destroys any sense the previous two movies every made. (Not that
they were perfect; but T3 took 'creative liberties' to an obscene level
where they were pulling crap out of their butt left and right and not
even checking if it had any dramatic reason to be there, make fans
happy, or even make any sense.) The took my child-hood hero that was
emotionally strong and turned him into a whiny a** drug addict. I grew
up watching T2 and playing with T2 toys sense I was about five. As I
got older, I saw John as a role model of emotional maturity; someone
with strong leadership skills that I would someday want to be.

Now he's a whiny little b**ch for some reason that has never really
been explained. He never was before. Had no reason for becoming. It's
not like he was unstable and this was in the cards. Of all the
characters in T2, T1 even, he was the most emotionally mature and most
level headed; even talking his mom down from killing a man.

Now? Now he'd go pop some dog neutering pills and be out for hours.
Wow, did the writer have nothing better to do than defecate on my
childhood? The Terminator series has always been about making your own
fate, your own future. That's how things really work. That is a large
part of Spirituality. The movie itself even shows that the future was
changed. Skynet was set back, that itself is a change. So why does the
film go on and on trying to refute how things really Spiritually work,
how they worked in T1, how they worked in T2, and how they work even in
this film. It just seems that John was just such a whiny runt that he
gave up on saving the future.

I almost wanted the Arnold Terminator to shoot John dead in the movie
so he would just stop whining so damn much. Boo hoo, the future, boo
hoo, his life sucks, boo hoo. How did John go from emotionally stable
leader to emo drug addict thumb sucker? This film felt like those
making it took personal pleasure in taking everything the first two
films had ever done well, and every way positive they touched my life,
and just shredded it.

Part 4 does a great job it trying to put a coherent story back together
after 3. I like Part 4, actually. At least it understood what it was
supposed to be. But it had two classics to stand up to and a lot of
baggage from 3 to deal with. So, I think Part 4 did the best it could
considering and I like Part 4 a lot.

As for Part 3, it was just sad.

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