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  • The Client List
    • The Client List
    • Runtime:95 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:25:10
    • Director: Eric Laneuville
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Client List


OK people, the year is 2010 – and even if this was supposed to be the
the 1990's or so, I still found this to be unbelievable on the
husband's part and on the part of the lawyer and townsfolk.

In 2010 and even in the 1990's porn and sex on the computer and video
was easily received, so for the townsfolk and husband to be ashamed of
his wife in 2010 for being a prostitute is rather unbelievable.

Everybody knows that a massage service provides moire than massage if
the price is right – especially if the woman can make house payments
and buy back a motorcycle.

The lawyer in this movie was horrible. She didn't seem to stand up for
her clients – but rather seemed to want to settle just for them going
to take a plea bargain, without any trial. For a prostitution charge
and s simple case of cocaine possession? Not enough for anything
serious and virtually nothing to substantiate any real offence, the
lawyer folds? The lawyer caves for a misdemeanour charge and the
suspects have to spend three months in jail – how retarded! Fire the
lawyer and get Matlock for God's sake.

Then the husband finding out his wife is a hooker and gets upset and
leaves her…be happy that she's coming home to you and the family and
still cares about you.

This was just a bad show in so many ways – and what's worse is that I
really wanted to see this.

Massage parlour = a place to get laid if the $$ is right. Massage
attendant = a working girl who has more class and dignity than to stand
on a corner and sell her ass.

In 2010, this is a nothing crime and for anybody to be insulted,
disrespected and ashamed of it, well wake up and smell the coffee.

If he rally loved his wife, he would have accepted her the night she
got busted and given her the biggest kiss in the world for taking care
of the family.


This past summer I must say it was a pleasure to view this Lifetime
original movie starring sweetheart and the cute Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Over the years many movies have been made about prostitution and
escorts this was a watch for the fact that it had Jennifer Love Hewitt
in the role of a working girl which was a little uncommon since she
takes mostly sweetheart and nice roles.

Anyway this film captures the current times of the recession well as
many are struggling with these economic times. It's story was based on
actual events it occurs in a small Texas town Jennifer Love Hewitt is
Samantha Horton a young woman who's married with small children. And
you guessed it tough times have come her husband is laid off and the
mortgage payment and making ends meet each month becomes harder and
harder. Eventually it's foreclosure time.

Then one day Samantha sees an ad advertising for work as a massage
therapist, Samantha arrives at the establishment only to soon learn
that these group of girls do a little more than massages. This is a
private house of sex call it a massage parlor, in call service or a
house of escorts it's pleasure for money. Samantha becomes a top notch
girl earning plenty of money to save their house and she pays the bills
and spends a lot on material things.

Yet as with pleasure their is a price to pay as soon guilt and shame is
felt by Samantha it starts to break down her family life and her body
takes a tired toll. Even though some of the finest and most well to do
Texas men are clients eventually the playhouse of passion and erotic
lust is busted and Samantha's days as a sex worker are over. Really
this was a life wakeup call as Samantha had to take a fall from the
lifestyle to rediscover family, love, and faith.

Really good TV movie that proves sex sells and that many live secret
lifestyles and it shows many will go to desperate measures to make ends
meet. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a delight to watch the scenes of her in
sexy lingerie especially seeing her in a black bra was an eye candy
treat and it was nice to see an appearance from Cybill Shepherd as Love
Hewitt's mom. "The Client List" is one TV movie to watch.


I must say that I found this movie highly amusing and entertaining.
Americans are bound to criticise it but the concept of the story
strikes at the heart of family life and when the chips are down and you
are broke, a woman will do anything to feed her children and keep the
family home. That is what Samantha does in the story line and full
credit to her. the film is good in my opinion because it treats the
subject in a light hearted way (a bit like Stepford Wives if you can
imagine) and is an eye opener for us all, there is no bad language and
actually no sex either, given the nature of the film. It is not a
compelling film and of course it is a wee bit predictable but it should
be seen and enjoyed.

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