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  • The Devil’s Rejects
    • The Devil’s Rejects
    • Runtime:107 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:42
    • Director: Rob Zombie
    • Genres: Crime, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Devil’s Rejects


Devil's Rejects is much more of an overall experience than it is an
entertaining movie. It will test every nerve in your body to watch this
film from start to finish. Lucky enough for me, I caught it on IFC,
meaning it was uncut but was broken up by pleasant commercials and
funny advertisements. Also, if something terrible was about to happen,
I could quickly change the station and flip back when the carnage was
over (I'm still a little squeamish, but not as much as I used to be).

As stated above, I don't think this picture was created to entertain.
Instead, I think Zombie made this film to strike a nerve in the
audience and test their emotional endurance. Scenes of sexual brutality
and bizarre and graphic violence are non-stop. You want to look away,
but you can't. The material is too powerful.

Some may call this movie exploitative trash, but I'm not sure that's
entirely true. As Zombie said in an interview, you'll never once
rooting for the "bad guys," which is exactly what he set out to
accomplish. If you want an exploitation movie, go see Cannibal

It is, though, difficult to rate this movie 1-10 stars simply because
it's so different than any film I've ever seen. It leaves a concrete
emotional impression.


I remember Rob Zombie's band White Zombie were extremely popular when I
was in high school. When the band broke up and Rob decided to pursue a
directing career, it seems only appropriate because the band's music
and image was inspired by horror movies.

I went to see Rob's directing debut, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, just out of
curiosity. Boy, did I make a big mistake. It was one of the most
repulsive pieces of garbage I ever saw! So why did I see THE DEVIL'S
REJECTS? I guess my head wasn't on straight. It was just as repulsive
as its predecessor. The only good part of it was when William Forsythe
captures those creeps and proceeds to torture them slowly, driving
nails into their hands and hitting them repeatedly across the face with
his gun butt.

Please, God, let this be the last time we see Captain Spaulding on the
big screen.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went into this movie expecting nothing because my only grasp at
Zombie's work was the Halloween remake which I felt to be ridiculously
stupid. What I found however, was well worth its' while.

The story follows the same characters as did House of 1000 Corpses
which I haven't seen but luckily that doesn't hinder the ability to
enjoy this movie one bit. The Firefly-family wakes up one morning
learning that the police have surrounded their house and are after
them. This begins a deadly chase which centers on the Firefly-family
and the Sheriff John Wydell. Devil's Rejects offers a few surprises and
at least one surprisingly hilarious scene which I find oddly delightful
coming from a Rob Zombie movie about a homicidal family on the run from
the law.

I loved this movie and chances are you might like it too, it isn't
perfect but then again, who is? Definitely worth checking out!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is like an 8 year old who has learned the F-word. It can be
sort of amusing at first, but pretty soon you just want to smack him
until he shuts up.

The story opens up with Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe) leading a
police assault on the run down, rural Texas home of a family of
degenerate mass murderers. Even though the family had apparently heard
of Ned Kelly, the police manage to kill one grown son and capture the
matriarch, Mother Firefly (Leslie Easterbrook). Another grown son and
daughter, Otis (Bill Moseley) and Baby (Sherri Moon Zombie), manage to
escape and contact the patriarch of the killer clan, Captain Spaulding
(Sid Haig). While Otis and Baby take a band of musicians hostage,
Captain Spaulding goes off to arrange a refuge for the family at what
appears to be an Old West brothel still operating in the late 1970s.
Sheriff Wydell becomes more and more obsessed with stopping and killing
the group now called by the media "The Devil's Rejects", and recruits a
couple of biker thugs called The Unholy Two (Diamond Dallas Paige and
Danny Trejo) to assist him.

The first thing to know about this film is that it's only purpose is to
shock. There are graphic stabbings and shootings and beatings and
molestations of one sort or another. A woman is forced to wear a mask
made out of her husband's face. 4 inch long spikes are driven through a
man's hands. That sort of thing. There really isn't any point to all
the pornographic violence, other than the base arousal all pornography
is geared toward.

The second thing to know about this film is that it isn't at all
shocking. Oh sure, if you've got a weak stomach you'll find it
horrifying and repellent. But if you've got a weak stomach, what are
you doing watching a film like The Devil's Rejects in the first place?
Even though this movie wallows in atrocity on a visceral level, none of
it means anything because none of it has any connection at all to any
sort of reality and it also serves no narrative purpose as fiction.
There is no point or moral to give this story significance and there is
never a moment when it seems like the things that happen in this film
are really happening or that the people in this film are really people.
Baby and Otis and Captain Spaulding are all crazy and evil, but only in
cinematically attractive ways. Their victims, even when the script
tries to give them some personality, are never anything more than
props. As Baby and Otis escape at the start of the movie, they run
through the basement where we see many young women caged up, obviously
waiting to become future victims. But while they scream and grab at
them through their cages as Baby and Otis flee and while the police
should have rescued all of those women, none of them are seen,
mentioned or referred to again in the film. Their sole reason for
existing in this story is that Rob Zombie thought it would make a
really cool-looking scene. That's largely the only reason for anything
that exists in this story.

In addition to not being shocking, The Devil's Rejects isn't scary
either. Zombie is either incapable as a director of generating honest
fear or he's so concerned with trying to disgust his audience that he
never bothers to try.

This movie is also a graphic demonstration in just how horrible it can
be to be an actor. The Devil's Rejects starts out with a scene where a
young woman is tied up and dragged naked over the grass covered ground.
The woman is dead, so the actress doesn't get a line of dialog or even
a moment to try and show emotion. She's just a piece of exposed meat
that's meant to titillate those who can be titillated by a naked dead
girl. How pathetically desperate for money or fame do you have to be to
take that kind of part?

Much like the 8 year old who just learned the F-word, Zombie doesn't
understand or appreciate what he's doing in this movie. I'd guess that
he has never really had any truly bad thing happen in his life. If he
had, he could have taken that memory of pain and put it to use in this
film, giving it some recognizable adult, human depth. As it is, The
Devil's Rejects is nothing more than Rob Zombie saying "Look at me! I
treat these horrible murderers like the heroes of the story and make
the good guys just as insane and brutal as the family of killers!
Aren't I so naughty?" A lot of us go through that phase when we are
teenagers. It's embarrassing that Rob Zombie hasn't outgrown it.

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