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  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman
    • The French Lieutenant’s Woman
    • Runtime:124 min
    • Release Date:2013-12-05 04:46:20
    • Director: Karel Reisz
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The French Lieutenant’s Woman


Two film actors named Anna and Mike (Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons)
rehearse their roles for a Victorian period piece and have an affair
with each other. Interspersed with the present day scenes are extensive
clips from the finished version of the film they're working on: the
love story of a gentleman named Charles and a poor woman Sarah who has
lost her reputation after having been romantically linked to a French
officer. Charles and Sarah, like Mike and Anna, are played by Irons and

The movie-within-a-movie structure makes it possible to examine the
expressions of romance in very different eras that still mirror each
other in many ways. While the Victorian society is suffocating in its
prim and proper moralizing, relationships are not necessarily easier in
the liberal modern era either, as it is always difficult to follow
one's heart without hurting someone in the process.

Technically the film is well made, the historic sets and costumes look
good and Streep and Irons are convincing in their double roles.
Especially the eponymous Sarah character is full of tragic mystery and
understandably carries the film whenever she is on. The pace is slow
and peaceful, allowing the romances to develop without haste. In the
end the Victorian story gets more attention and is probably what the
film is best remembered for, but the present day romance is a tale
worth telling too. In any case, I recommend the film for any fan of
romantic cinema – it's essentially two romances in one.

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